So right now I have a 45 gallon that is filtered with a fluval g3 canister and an ac 50 hob. I like the fluval g3 for it's ease of use, easy to open, easy to change/clean cartridges, easy to disconnect the hoses to clean. Dislike because of the limited space for media, especially things like chemi pure elite that I recently have become a fan of.

What my plans are in the near future is to purchase a 90 to 120 gallon tank and use sump filtration. l like that they seem to hold tons of media and I could hide the heater and uv sterilizer also in the sump and not have it cluttering up the tank. They also look easy to work with (I have arthritis in my fingers and have difficulty with some canister filters). I'm not super handy especially when it comes to plumbing so I don't feel comfortable making my own and I also don't want to flood my room if there is a power outage and an overflow issue. Also is it better to have a drilled tank for sump filtration or is drilled just for aesthetics?

I'm just not sure where to start and need a little help with the direction to go in regarding to purchasing this type filtration and how to have the tank drilled to go with the filtration system.