Hi Everyone,

Sorry I'm new to this so hope this is the right place to put this. I wanted to share my recent experience as I have seen nothing about it on the internet and don't want others to go through the same situation.
I have had a red claw crab in my tank for about a year, he is now about 5/6cm from tip to tip of his legs. I have recently decided to add some turtles to my tank. Unfortunetly the Musk turtles I got are only about 3cm tip to tail and this has lead to some interesting encounters with the crab. My turtles have decided to pick on the crab and seem to try to fight/want to eat it. As my crab is so big he can grab them with his claws and just holds them. He hasn't appeared to try and eat them but he won't let them go until we move him. I had hoped that the turtles would learn but they don't and so I have had to remove my crab and he has gone back to the pet shop.

I hope this post helps others who are thinking of having both in the same tank.

Happy fishing!