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  1. Default New tank, some questions please.

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    Hello every one, I would like to say hi, im new to the site but have been here a lil bit reading up. I am about to get a new tank started, but need some advice on what I need for it, and for the general consensus on fish type. I have had fish for 10 years already, but never on the scale im about to have. My current tank is a 55 gal ive had for 8 years, but just got new fish about a year ago after I got rid of most of my old fish. Currently I have 2 discus, 2 bala, 3 clown loaches, 1 silver dollar and a pleco. The pleco and silver dollar are from the original tank. The others were given to me from a friend that was sick and could no longer care for them. Anyway, that tank is being taken off my hands, and im starting over brand new.

    So the new tank, a friend is giving me a 150 gal tank. I have never had such a large tank before so its a bit new to me.

    (1) If some people could suggest what filter systems to get, what size, ect that would help. Old tank had 2 filters, one canister and one off the back filter. I want to have excellent filtration cause I like clean water for my fish. What filter and how many, I don't really mind expensive gear, I just want quality.

    (2) I am thinking of trying live plants in this tank, but have never done so before. What plants, how to make the live, lighting ect. I know nothing about aqua plants. Or if its a bad idea, let me know.

    (3) The fish. My favorite part. Ok let me know what fish should work in here. First, I want tiger barbs, a large school. I love these fish, I had a barb tank years ago with 15 tigers, was my fav. Second, I would like a few clown loaches. I had them mixed with barbs before and they seemed to get along fine. So those 2 are the core fish groups. Now I would like to try kuhlii loaches, never had them and they look sweet, not sure if a good mix. Also, zebra loach, yoyo loach look nice, can they live well with the clowns? Bala sharks, maybe 3 of em, and/or a red tail shark. I want a larger body fish with color as well, like my discus but something that the barbs wont bother, maybe a cichlid or gouramis or something. just a pair or single whatevers best. Then if possible, a small schooling fish like cardinal tetras. And lastly, id like to try a fire eel or tire track eel, but I don't know too much about them and don't want them eating the other fish, I read that they sometimes eat smaller fish. That's the over view on the fish Id like to try, but I doubt they will all fit, so make some suggestions and to what could work and how many. Thanks in advance, and please, any suggestions are welcome, even if its criticism, or a totally different idea. I may like it better. Thank you!

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    1. I'd go for a pair of eheim 2215 or 2217
    2. Plants need light and nutrition, it's as simple as that.
    3. I think you're trying to do too much at the same time. Cram everything you like into a single tank.

    A pair of discus doesn't work well
    Bala is a shoaling species that gets to be a foot long
    Same for the clowns
    1 silver dollar is too lonely.
    A "pleco" can be a lot of things, none of it small.

    A proper school of bala will stress out the discus. Cramming too much into the bottom of the tank will also cause conflicts. Add to that the fact that discus like it hot and the rest does not. Any kind of big predator like your eel will really mess up the tank.

  3. Default

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    hello and thanks for the reply, but sorry I think I confused you in what I said. The discus are staying in the 55 gal tank, I wouldn't put them with the tiger barbs at all. And the silver dollar and pleco are not gonna be in the new tank either, so leave them out too. Also, that was just my taste in what I find attractive, but I know they wouldn't all work, so im fine with wittling them down to what works. So take the list as a guide and go from there, tear it up, hell suggest I just do a cichlid tank if ya think it will look nice. I want an active, attractive, flashy tank. So wow me! Im am closing on my first house and this will be the only tank there, I want to be able to stare at it for hours. This is the first time I get to actively choose my fish, as for the last 8 years, I just got handed fish that others couldn't keep or didn't want. those tanks are gonna be at my old home. This new tank is my first tank from scratch, so really give me ideas, I can take criticism fine and love to learn.

    As for the filters, thank you I have read and hear those are very good filters, I always had one can and one off the back. Is 2 canisters ok? Also, the plants sound easy enough, but what kind work well or does it matter? there r so many plants out there. lol
    Last edited by spartan1229; 03-24-2013 at 07:13 AM.

  4. Default

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    Here's some nice basic info for planted tanks. I did a lot of reading for a while and just planted my first tank last week - Java ferns, . Not nearly as big as yours is, but I really enjoy it. Looking forward to seeing your setup! Good luck! Hope this info is helpful for ya

    Some beginner plant suggestions:
    (I personally do not suggest ordering from, however, as I've had a difficult time getting things from them in the past)

    Basic Beginner Guides:

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    Welcome to the AC...
    You're getting old when you get the same sensation from a rocking chair that you once got from a roller coaster.

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    Well... flashy.. ok. What's the water like? Hard? Soft?

    A 150 gallon could house a fabulous south east asian stream. Clowns could just work, up the number to 6 or 7. Get 3 dozen tiger barbs to go with that. Plant the edges with something tall and sturdy, get some long pieces of wood in.Alternatively go for 5 striped barbs and see about getting some small to medium sized gourami.
    You'd need soft water for that though.

    If you live in a liquid rock area, a rift lake cichlid tank is the way to go.

  7. Default

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    Thanks for the quick replys! Reading those links now and its already sounding simpler than I was making in my head. Good read. Should a tank my size have a lot of plants or only the sides and back? I don't want to over plant it, so how many is good for 150 gal.?

    Nice tank ya got there! Also thanks for the ideas for fish, I had a few SA cichlids a long time ago, but that was my only exp with them, and they were not very colorful, just silver. But I have seen a lot of colorful ones out there, just gotta know what I can and cant mix.

  8. Default

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    So im looking at either getting 2 eheim classic 2217 cans or 2 fluval 405 can filters for this new tank. The fluvals cost more, and ive had a fluval canister on my 55 tank for years with no problems. Ive never used eheim but they seem to be rock solid filters, Which do u recommend? Also a good heater for the tank, I have one now not sure which brand, but I need a bigger one for the 150 gal tank Im getting. Im leaning very heavily towards live plants now as well, if it makes a difference. Also like I said, I have had fish for a long time with 10, 20 and 55 gal tanks, but I have always had handed down supplies and equipment, so this is the first time I am buying brand new equipment and I don't want to waste money, I want a very good setup the first time and I have up to $2000 to spend on filters heaters and equipment. I would like not to spend it all, but am willing to pay for good stuff, and want it done right. You guys are the experts so let me know!

    Quick question as well, If I do run 2 canisters that each are for like 150 gal tanks, does it make maintaining the tank easier as far as water changes and stuff? Im assuming it does.
    Last edited by spartan1229; 03-25-2013 at 06:42 PM.

  9. Default

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    Here's some info I tossed together regarding doing a planted tank (with the size you have it would help to save a few bucks)

  10. Default

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    Thank you hardy85, just read it and it will save me a few bucks. As far as plants go, does it matter what kind I put in there? My clowns like subdued lighting so Ive been reading about lower light plants, but I have no idea what plants are good or bad. Are any plants bad for a tank?

    Im going off to my LFS and im going to look at the plants available and see what I like look wise, and do some more reading on them.

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