I've kept golden wonder kills for a while. I had kept a male with females, as well as 2 males together. I wast sure how the two males would do, and was pleasantly surprised that they did very well together. I had them (full grown) in a 45, a 55 and a 90. I moved them to the 125, and they did great in there too. Until they didn't.... All of a sudden, 125 wasn't enough for the 2 of them - I had to remove one. These fish had been fine together for a couple years, in much smaller tanks. Just another example of how things "work" till they don't.

Awesome fish though, and unlike many killi species, they live fairly long.

You aren't going to find chanchitos in any fish store. I had bought mine from a member here, and they might be available on aquabid (same person selling them, if I'm not mistaken).