Hey all,

So I'm currently cycling a 20g tall with 50/50 mix of flourite & eco-complete substrate, a 2-bulb T5 HO light fixture, an aquaclear 50 HOB with polyfiber & ceramic bio media, a small sponge filter, & a couple of airstones. Today I stopped at my LFS and got 2 watersprites, a crypt spiralis, a hygro kompakt, and a java fern. I need advice on how to actually go about planting these. I remember in my initial researching planted tanks I came across a video showing how to trim the roots and everything after getting your plants. All of them except the java fern are in what looks like that plant wool media inside a little basket.
Do I just pull them out of the baskets, rinse off the roots, and stick them in the substrate? I know most people grow their java ferns attached to driftwood or stones, but personally I don't like that look, so is it ok if I plant it in the substrate? If anyone can direct me to the mentioned video, or any other video showing what to do in order to plant your plants in the tank, that would be ah-maze-ing. Thanks again everyone! This forum is invaluable for those of us just getting into the hobby-