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    No to dojos but yes to black kuhli loaches as they rarely even get to 4 inches. Dwarf chains may work, but just because they are small doesn't mean they don't need a good tank size, they need a 29g probably. The kuhli is your best bet.

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    Today I got rid of my opaline gourami and my 3 tiger barbs and I'm adding a powder blue gourami and a blood red gourami. Also, it is a black kuhli loach.

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    I'm adding a powder blue gourami and a blood red gourami.
    Did you not learn your lesson with the Pearl and Opaline? Gourami CAN NOT be kept together in small tanks. One will become aggressive and harass/attack the other until it dies. PLEASE GET ONLY ONE! And are you talking about Dwarf Gourami like this:

    Also that is certainly a Black Kuhli and they are a schooling fish. You need to get at least 5 more.

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    +1 to the above post. Gourami are not for small tanks or novice fish-keepers. They are real pains in the ass to be honest!

    You'll have to return one or both if you want any of your fish to survive to adulthood.
    "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." Carl Sagan

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    Yes, but they aren't aggressive at all, those are the ones also.

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    Gourami's are aggressive against their own kind.
    We've said that many times. You can search through hundreds of threads here of people in the same boat as you. "but they aren't aggressive at all...then a week or two later" one is dead or in horrible shape with a disease/wounded.

    I'll repeat myself: I had 1 gourami in a 45gallon tank, which is over twice the size of yours... and he near destroyed my other fish.

    they are aggressive fish and until you realize that, you have a ticking timebomb tank and they'll be dead fish in the very near future.

    it's on the owner of the fish to establish a proper habitat, not on the fish to be nice to one another.

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    OP, one gourami if you want them living. I've had this problem in a smaller tank before. I had no idea what happened. I suggest your best bet if you are to get just 1 is the honey gourami.

    Kuhlis should be fine, only put 5. Make sure they have stuff to dig and hide in.
    As for the gourami, if you do want it to be nice, make it a cave and another for the loaches. Gourami are pretty territorial.
    For your fish, research it before you buy. Use seriouslyfish, it is probably the best site to use.

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