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  1. Exclamation Opaline gourami problems

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    Two weeks ago I established a new tank (20 gallons) and first added 3 tiger barbs and 1 opaline gourami, just today, I added a loach as well as a pearl gourami. The problem is that the opaline is very aggressive towards the pearl and is trying to grab a hold of its fins and pull. I can tell because normally the opaline has light grey/pale blue scales and when I add the pearl gourami, his scales changed to a dark blue. What should I do now??? Im afraid the pearl one will die from stress, he's trying to stay in a corner and get adjusted, but the opaline keeps biting him.

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    remove one of the gouramis. gouramis are territorial and will not tolerate another gourami in such a small tank.
    besides that, both pearl gouramis and opalines will eventually reach 4-5 inches and are too big for 20 gallons. a more suitable
    gourami for this setup would be the dwarf gourami. tiger barbs should be kept in schools of at least 6 as they are a social species.
    next time please research the individual characteristics and care requirements of each species before you get them.

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    +1 to the above.
    you really need to rethink your strategy with this tank.
    gourami's are extremely territorial, I had one that took over my entire 45 gallon tank, he near tore up my other fish and I had to rehome him.

    could you post your water parameters and how you cycled the tank?

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    The water temp is 79-80 because my heater is a bit too big and it's on the lowest setting, my Ph is 8.0-8.2, there is no ammonia or nitrite and my nitrate is 20ppm. I haven't cycled the tank yet since it's been only one week with the fish in it, however, it has some algae growth on the rocks and sides. I plan tomorrow to do a water change (25%?) and bring back my 3 tiger barbs and my opaline gourami will either go back as well or go in another tank (55 gallon) with other fish. Any suggestions to what types of fish I should get since I'll be left with a pearl gourami and a loach?

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    it might be helpful to specify what type of loach. loaches can range from a few centimeters to well over 2 feet.

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    It's a serpentine loach (dojo loach I believe), it shouldn't grow a lot bigger than it is already, it's about 1 and a half inches long. Should I post a few photos?
    Last edited by Zwick; 03-24-2013 at 03:47 AM.

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