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    Quote Originally Posted by paulca View Post

    Question.... Okay, I'm a techie and a geek, by trade and by character...

    Can you use the filter outlet to pump water out... I expect this is doubtful.
    Depends on the exact model and position. Most filters depend on water for cooling so you don't want to have them run dry.

    Can you get water pumps to pump water out and water in from a bucket... are they worth it in cost?
    You sure can. Quite a few people here with big tanks use one. PErsonally I don't like to do so, by syphoning I can get the dirt from the places where it ends up and I'm forced to do a close inspection of the tank.
    It would be nice to put a bucket on the floor and pump water into the tank at nearly the same rate I siphoned out at.
    That works of course but you do run the risk of overflowing.

    Thinking about it, I'm more worried about the residual chlorine levels in the bucket.
    That's a real worry. Water conditioner should deal with that.

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    Well I haven't been on here for a while, but things have moved on with the tank some.

    I just finished phase 1 planting this morning. Down side is, it's been 5 weeks with 4ppm ammonia and no nitrites still. :(


    I have sent 2 filter sponges to a friend in works tank and she will return them along with a squeeze of her sponges (ooeer) after a week. There is room in my filter as I removed the carbon pads. Fingers crossed.

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    There are too many posts here for me to read them all so excuse me if I am repeating someone else. I actually didn't read any of them but your posts.

    I have cycled with fish and cycled without. For hundreds of years people have cycled using fish and there's no reason it can not be done safety and sometimes it just can not be helped but to cycle in that manner. Like someone giving you their stock, a fish you already have needing to be moved, or just plain not knowing that pre-cycling would be the better option. Or not being able to find ammonia.

    Bacteria boosters are not all the same and some I would classify as a pure waste of money. I have used Tetra SafeStart and Seachems Stability with the later being the best. Depending on tank size, drop in some hardy tetra's (not neons or cardinals) and allowed them to do their job........testing every single day and adding more bacteria booster. All instructions are in the "Cycling" directions below.

    If you are cycling using ammonia, do not use the bacteria booster. If you are cycling with fish, then don't use the ammonia. Use dechlorinator every single water change before adding new water and add enough dechlorinator for the whole tank even if just replacing half the water.

    No bottom feeders until the tank has been set up for some time. Adding them to a new tank and they will starve to death.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulca View Post

    I just finished phase 1 planting this morning. Down side is, it's been 5 weeks with 4ppm ammonia and no nitrites still. :(

    Our posts just crossed each other so sorry for double post. A tank should not take more than 2.5 weeks to cycle using ammonia. Have you been using your dechlorinator and have you cleaned out your filter media? Sounds like an overdosing problem with seems to happen far more than it should.
    Last edited by Lady Hobbs; 05-04-2013 at 02:53 PM.

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    Declorhinator, yes, cleaning filter no.

    Overdosing can't rule it out, the liquid test color card isn't that easy to read. However, I lowered the ammonia for a while to what-looked-like 2ppm and no change.

    I do currently, today, have an increasing amount of white milky cloudiness in the water, but having added wood, substrate and sand today it is more likely it's to do with that, so not getting hopes up.

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    One thing I did change today was how I added the ammonia. First time I added it from a 1 pint glass of water. Second time after a water change I added it direct into the water. The ammonia is a 25-30% solution, so quite powerful until the tank dilutes it and probably deadly to the BB if it went straight through the filter at that concentration.

    Today I added it in 3 small doses to the 25 litre bucket I was syphoning into the tank and refilling with tap water (with dechlorinator additions occasionally). This would dilute it a lot more before it got to tank and the tank was being circulated with the filling hose, filter was in a bucket. So by the time the filter went in the tank the ammonia would have been properly dilute. Plausible?

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    Oh, and the plan is to give the filter sponges from my friends mature tank a go for a week or two, if it hasn't started to cycle, I'll give up :( and move to fish in cycling with 5 harlequins or similar.

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    also what are you testing with?

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    The look is ambitious, curious to see the rest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by talldutchie View Post
    The look is ambitious, curious to see the rest.
    Haven't really planned the other half of the tank. Although, eccentric as it might be I'm temped to put a 9x4x1 black glass monolith on it's end. Anyone who had read Arthur C. Clarke will know what I'm talking about.

    The other options are to:

    * Substrate and sand the rest of the tank and grass carpet the whole floor with the odd rock.
    * Substrate the right corner, leaving gravel (and granite stones) up the middle and plant some long stem plants.

    Hiding places for a bristle nose becomes an issue, but I'm sure I can fix something up somewhere.

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