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    Quote Originally Posted by paulca View Post
    I'm reading up a bit on compatibility and stocking ideas. Have managed to get this idea so far...

    10 Zebra Danios. 5 and 5 if they happen to have leopard danios, but I doubt it.

    I'll let them settle in for a few weeks and then...

    5 or 6 neon rosy barbs or other barb type in stock. I have owned one of these guys before and every time I went near the tank he "tried to have at me", seriously wanted a fight... with me! LOL I now understand this aggression was most likely cause he was on his own and lonely. He nipped fins too, but he was absolutely amazing to watch as he darted and danced with such agility and I expect 5 or 6 of them will be a right show.
    Barbs do better with cover.

    I expect I need to introduce an algae eater pretty promptly, decided on not having real plants yet, so algae will become a problem, especially as the days get longer here and the amount of indirect sunlight increases. I'm wary of the pleco "sucker" fish as they can get quite large. So this needs more research.
    It's a common response with newbies. More advanced fishkeepers will know it's better to tackle this at the root cause.

    Kulhi loaches have been recommended to me for bottom dwellers and sword tails for top dwellers, but I haven't really got that far yet. The 10 danios are bound to keep me amused for weeks anyway.
    Then leave it at that for now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Corvette73 View Post
    If you do get Zebras do not worry about the compatibility. I was woried about putting tigers in my tank but the danios stay way above the tigers
    Of course it will limit any further stocking quite a lot for other species.

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    Thanks talldutchie,

    When you say "cover" I assume you mean, plants and other ornaments for them to lurk in and around. I can build up a line of plastic plants along the back and there is a large hollow log in the middle.

    The only reason I'm not going for live plants (yet) is that I want to learn things in stages. Figuring I'll learn how to keep the fish alive first before adding keeping plants alive as well.

    Algae wasn't such a big issue with the BioOrb, even with hi nirate levels, I think I had to de-algae it once at the end of the summer, so I'll just see how it turns out so far.

    As for update on the tanks progress... not much. I dropped some food flakes in and they have a coating of white fur, so the decomposing bacteria et al are present, but no ammonia drop yet. It's early days and I won't get worried at least until the start of next week. Fingers crossed. I also realise the longer wait is for the nitrite drop that follows.

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    Here's a great sticky about Barbs from our own Dave:

    If you have not read it already.
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    Once you learn to quit, it becomes a habit.
    -Vince Lombardi

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    Yes, I mean cover as in plants. I prefer real plants as you know but some good fakes certainly beat nothing by a mile. Also, quite a few barbs like a bit of tannin in the water.

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    I've ordered a bunch more fake plants. Maybe some day I'll plant it properly, but small steps, fish first.

    Still not seeing the slightest movement on ammonia levels, stuck at 4ppm as it has been since I dosed it last Thursday, so a week in all, unless it's moved tonight when I get home.

    If it hasn't moved by the start of next week, I have a friend in work says she will put her spare filter into her long running tank for a week and give me the sponge and media from it to get my started.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulca View Post
    Still not seeing the slightest movement on ammonia levels, stuck at 4ppm as it has been since I dosed it last Thursday, so a week in all, unless it's moved tonight when I get home.

    If it hasn't moved by the start of next week, I have a friend in work says she will put her spare filter into her long running tank for a week and give me the sponge and media from it to get my started.
    May I advise that you remove some of that ammonia to get it down to 2ppm via a water change or two? When people start trying to cycle a smaller tank with too much ammonia, the whole cycle can stall and not even start - a small tank needs to grow the right amount of bacteria for the proper amount of fish - a large tank needs more ammonia for more fish.

    While it will be helpful to use media from an established filter (which will "seed" your media with bacteria), it's also important to have the right amount of ammonia too.
    Last edited by Imma24; 04-04-2013 at 04:56 PM.

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    Sorry, but I'm kinda turning this thread into a mini-journal.

    Okay, 50% change done. Gave me something to do so I feel involved again :)

    Learnt a few lessons.

    1. Draining the siphon down the sink beside the tank is going to get old fast and doesn't give enough pressure to hoover the gravel. Need to use buckets on the floor. Siphon pressure is greater with higher height of upper vessel surface and lower height of lower vessel surface (or the end of the hose).

    2. Don't let the end of the siphon hose out of your sight! Luckily it mostly got the kitchen counter, the kettle base without tripping the electric and a second or two on the floor. I live above a Cafe... I hope my landlord is insured. Funny, but not funny.

    3. I will have to pour slower when there are fish in the tank, currently I can hear the gravel moving about. Might freak a fish out totally if it swam through that down draft!

    4. The test kit colours are really hard to judge.

    On point 4. Assuming all my figures are correct and the ammonia I was sold had accurate dilution details, I added enough to get 4ppm. But I'll be honest and say that if it was 8ppm or 2ppm on that chart, I can't honestly tell 100%. Having emptied 50% of the water, trying to diligent and continue the mathematical method, 4ppm * 50% = 2ppm. Yet the colour of the test was only mildly less green and not really "yellowing" at all. So again currently it could be 1ppm or 2ppm or even 4ppm, making it previously 8ppm (or beyond).

    Please check my math: 4ppm ammonia in a 125litre tank with 25-30% solution = 2ml, right?

    On point 1 and 3, I'm currently using an old food grade plastic, 5 gallon/23litre beer fermenter bucket for water changes. Yes, it was sanitized after last use for beer, with chlorine based cleanser (VWP sterilizer). Yes it was stored for a while and yes it was rinsed well before use with the tank. I can't trust myself to lift 22/23litres @ 22/23Kg and pour, so I fill it to 15 litres only. Anyone see any problem with this approach?

    I used 30ml of "Nutrifin - Aquasafe" conditioner, dosage says, 10ml per 40 litres. 125litre tank, 30ml into the first bucket of water as I added it.

    I'll leave the tank again now until Sunday night and if nothing has changed I'll debate what to do from there.

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    Beer residue won't bother an aquarium.

    I use a much smaller bucket. When it's filling time I put it on top of my tank and let it syphon in, add a bit of thawed cyclops and the fish have a load of fun. If syphoning is no option then poor into a ladle or even your own hand using a small jug.

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    Question.... Okay, I'm a techie and a geek, by trade and by character...

    Can you use the filter outlet to pump water out... I expect this is doubtful.

    Can you get water pumps to pump water out and water in from a bucket... are they worth it in cost?

    It would be nice to put a bucket on the floor and pump water into the tank at nearly the same rate I siphoned out at.

    Quote Originally Posted by talldutchie View Post
    Beer residue won't bother an aquarium.
    Thinking about it, I'm more worried about the residual chlorine levels in the bucket.

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