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    Im in the UK. I can find quite a few ammonia based cleaners, but adding them sounds rather alarming considering the other stuff in these cleaners. Not to mention, "How much?"

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    Yeah you don't want the cleaning solutions..

    I just checked Amazon UK and it seems you can buy "pure" ammonia -- but it comes very highly concentrated (like 25%). You could use that, but I recommend diluting that down first, probably down to a 10% solution so you can measure your amounts easily. Seems like you should be able to find it somewhere since you can buy it off Amazon.

    I had the same question regarding how much. It seemed daunting at first, but I just used a 3ml syringe and added a small amount to the tank, waited 30 minutes and then tested for ammonia levels. I only had to add ammonia twice before I got it around 4ppm which was my goal.

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    In your small tank, you only want to dose to 2ppm ammonia. as the previous poster said, add a tiny bit, wait 30 minutes then test your ammonia. if it's not up to 2ppm, add a tiny bit more until you get it there.
    then sit back and wait several days for it to start working. in the mean time, read the fishless cycle again (and again if need be) so you'll understand what's going on.
    It really is the easiest and fastest way to cycle a tank.
    Most fish stores have either not heard of the method or have heard of it and encourage you not to use it because 1) they sell less fish that way (because most likely you're going to lose the fish you cycle with) and 2) they lose sales of bacterial boosters etc.
    All you need to cycle is the ammonia and a water conditioner (like Prime or Aqua safe - whatever removes chlorine and chloramine)
    good luck and do ask questions if you need to
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    15 g FW planted:2 male guppies, neons, pygmy corys, clown pleco, 4 types of shrimp, assassin snails
    90 Gal Journal:
    fishless cycling:
    fish in cycling:

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulca View Post
    Okay. LFS said, "No.", they don't have ammonia and they do not recommend fishless cycling. In fact they said they haven't heard of anyone doing it that way in years.

    Their recommendation is to add bacteria (like that which I got with the tank), leave the tank for a week to make sure the bacteria can get into the filter properly and then add 4 tetras and build up the stocking slowly with another 2-4 fish every 2 weeks.

    So I either follow their recommendation of see if I can find ammonia in a chemist or something.
    Sorry but this is just the ignorance of your fish store. Of course they want you to cycle your tank with fish. It's a win/win for them. You buy fish, they are weakened by months of being poisoned by the ammonia in the tank because it is cycling, they die, you go buy more. Once your tank is cycled, you add new fish and because it only ever built up enough BB to support the 4 original fish, you are cycling again. You weaken your fish, some of them die, you buy more. On top of that they can sell you bacteria boosters and medications to treat illnesses that your weak fish are more susceptible to.

    They can say all they want that they haven't heard of anyone fishless cycling or that it's an outdated method, but they aren't out there in the world on forums and in aquarium clubs talking to people like us who spend all our free time engrossed in this hobby.

    You have the right to choose whichever cycling method you prefer, but you will find that most of us are proponents of the fishless method. It's easier on the animals, faster and lets you add a lot more fish faster than the fish in cycling method.
    120 gallon FW bowfront in progress

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    Okay, I ordered some ammonia from fleabay. 25-30% so it will be gloves on time.

    Am I foolish to consider using mathematics to get the dosing right for 2 ppm?

    EG: 125 litres = 125,000ml. Which is 1/8th of a million ml. Thus I need 1/4ml of pure ammonia and at 25% I need 1ml.

    I can use an eyedropper I have from a medication bottle to drop 1ml of the stuff into a bowl/bucket of dechlorinated water and then add to the tank.

    I understand I should then leave it for 30-60mins for the filter to circulate it, then test for ammonia levels. If it's 2ppm great. If it's below, add more, if it's above 3ppm, water change to bring it down to 2ppm.

    PS: I wasn't aware that ammonia + chlorine produces chlorine gas, aka mustard gas of WWI fame. I once did this by accident by adding toilet cleaner with ammonia hydroxide into a toilet after adding bleach. It foamed and smelt really really bad, luckily I had the sense to flush the toilet and exit the room till it cleared!

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    Oh, I believe that should be 4ppm, having re-read the guide.

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    I think you're well on your way now.

    While this process is going on, start thinking about what you want your tank to look like.

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    Bang on the money. 2ml of 25% solution (god that stuff stinks! [shudders]), left for an hour and tested, as close to 4ppm as I can tell.

    So I guess this bit is just like making beer. ie. Tip in the yeast and leave it alone, it will happen, not by my command, nor if I want it to happen faster, but it will happen naturally when and for how long it wants to. So I'll leave it for a 5-7 days and then test the water.

    I haven't decided exactly how I want it to look, but I'm starting a little minimal and sparse. Thinking more modern/abstract than natural looking. Already have white gravel, a hollow log, white granite stones and a few clearly fake looking plants and ornaments... for now.

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    I'm reading up a bit on compatibility and stocking ideas. Have managed to get this idea so far...

    10 Zebra Danios. 5 and 5 if they happen to have leopard danios, but I doubt it.

    I'll let them settle in for a few weeks and then...

    5 or 6 neon rosy barbs or other barb type in stock. I have owned one of these guys before and every time I went near the tank he "tried to have at me", seriously wanted a fight... with me! LOL I now understand this aggression was most likely cause he was on his own and lonely. He nipped fins too, but he was absolutely amazing to watch as he darted and danced with such agility and I expect 5 or 6 of them will be a right show.

    I expect I need to introduce an algae eater pretty promptly, decided on not having real plants yet, so algae will become a problem, especially as the days get longer here and the amount of indirect sunlight increases. I'm wary of the pleco "sucker" fish as they can get quite large. So this needs more research.

    Kulhi loaches have been recommended to me for bottom dwellers and sword tails for top dwellers, but I haven't really got that far yet. The 10 danios are bound to keep me amused for weeks anyway.

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    If you do get Zebras do not worry about the compatibility. I was woried about putting tigers in my tank but the danios stay way above the tigers

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