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  1. Default Got a new 125lt tank, first tropical.

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    Hi guys/gals, really just saying hi!

    I had a BioOrb 30lt for over a year, first batch was going pretty good until my friend decided to medicate them for bladder issues with half the bottle. Instant death for all.

    I cleaned and reset the tank. Cycled in a second batch. Lasted nearly a year until the got some sort of white fungal infection. Medicated them and it went away, but then returned rapidly and in a mater of days wiped out the whole tank, bar one little Neon who's clearly as hard as... I learned too late that the bio orb filter will filter out the treatment fairly quickly. Removing and dismantling the filter to remove the carbon is a pain and usually touching the filter clouds the tank really badly.

    I have decided for many reasons that the BioOrb is a bit crap. Not least that the default 12V halogen bulb provides no bright glints from even a neon and the upgrade is about 90!

    I decided to buy a proper tank and start trying to take it more seriously. I have filled the new 125lt tank with the cold tap water. Put the heater and filter on. Added cycling treatment, tap water treatment and a pinch of food. At the moment I'm waiting on seeing what my tank actually looks like once the water clears up. :)

    I hope to get the water at a stable temp and crystal clear in a day or so then I'm going to put a few fish in. I don't know what I can get locally, or what tanks won't have dead fish in them in the pet shop on the day. Tetras and zebra's or barbs should be easy enough to find. Are these guys okay in warmer water?


  2. #2


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    125 liter is a nice size, I have one of those.

    You're trusting blindly on some cycling starter. You've not even done basic research. If you continue this way your setting yourself up for problems.

  3. Default

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    I'm blindly using the cycling starter, but not trusting it. I have a basic understanding of the cycling and I understand it works better with fish in the tank, so I should find 2 hardy fish to take the brunt for a few weeks and then re-evaluate from there. This *will* however be the first time I do water tests etc.

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    I'm sorry. You'll have to wait for someone else to come along. I don't do fish-in cycling

    Good luck with the project!

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    fish in cycle honestly takes longer and you will be doing a'lot of water changes and as you add new fish and you increase your bio load your going to have to continue to monitor an do this . should maybe try other the method and not put fish under stress with the fishless cycle ? i did a fish in cycle before an had it going for 3 years the fishless cycle is much nicer an gives you time to plan your stock and your project out.

  6. Default

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    Okay, I'm shamefully admitting I "assumed" fish in was the only way as that is what I learned as a "Small tank beginner without a clue".

    I'll read up on this.
    Last edited by paulca; 03-23-2013 at 09:09 PM.

  7. #7


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    No biggie,

    I've done a fish in cycle (before doing all my research here and asking questions)
    after all that, I would recommend doing the cycle without fish and here is why:

    the time it takes to cycle a tank is much faster-like 70% faster if done correctly.
    once your cycle is complete, you can add more in initially vs the fish in cycle.
    it's "cheaper" to do the fish less cycle-less water changes, and no risk of losing fish due to the stress/ammonia levels.

  8. Default

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    Thanks. The cycle starter claims to add both types of bateria for ammonia and nitrites.

    I suppose the next step is to get some ammonia and then test to see if it works or not.

  9. Default

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    Okay. LFS said, "No.", they don't have ammonia and they do not recommend fishless cycling. In fact they said they haven't heard of anyone doing it that way in years.

    Their recommendation is to add bacteria (like that which I got with the tank), leave the tank for a week to make sure the bacteria can get into the filter properly and then add 4 tetras and build up the stocking slowly with another 2-4 fish every 2 weeks.

    So I either follow their recommendation of see if I can find ammonia in a chemist or something.

  10. #10


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    I picked up some ammonia from an Ace Hardware store nearby. I don't know if you have one of those locally, but you can always try calling around to hardware stores to see if they have it in stock (usually in the cleaning supplies section).

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