This is my first post, so hoping to get a response. I was wondering if anyone has a giraffe nose cat and what they are feeding. I specifically wonder if anyone has a large giraffe nose; whatever you have been feeding it has to be working to make it grow and keep it healthy. I have been feeding ShoGold sinking pellets, but advertised for koi because it is much cheaper than Omega or Spectrum pellets. The pellets are not only messy, but I do not believe these are giving my giraffe nose the right nutrients. The giraffe nose also has grown about 4 inches in the last 9 months (from about 4 to 8 inches.) I was wondering if this is normal, since I hear of them approaching 2 feet relatively quickly.

I am looking for other feeding options, preferably the cheapest options, and options the giraffe nose will take willingly and fill up on. I've heard bloodworms, scallops, and tilapia they will even eat. I suppose it would have to be broken up into very small chunks for the giraffe to be able to eat? I also have 2 pacus, 2 oscars, a tiger shovelnose and a hybrid red-tailed cat. The oscars and pacus eat a lot of the food before it hits the ground. All in a 125-gal. I know this will eventually be too small, but the fish are still babies (8-14 inches length) and I have a little time yet to raise them in the 125.