looks like today is turning out good. had some drama in the morning (my AC 70's impeller ceased over night) but after that it was all up hill. had a fast/easy inspection in my apartment. got my clearance for my 30 day notice for moving out, went to petsmart to buy some goodies (didnt find much) but when i was there i over heard an employee refuse to sell a person a JD. saying "im sorry sir, but he would eat all your fish. and your tank is no where near the correct size for him." a few other rude comments from the customer (which shouldnt have ever been said IMO) and i put my 2 cents into the mix until the manager came along. pulled video up on my phone on JD's aggression and smaller tanks ect. finally after what seemed like 20 mins the manager came along and took over. he sided with his employee and after the customer cooled down a bit, he went on his way. i found out he had a 20gH and was having guppies drop every other day due to ammonia and nitrite spikes during the cycle.

im glad the employee refused to sell that man a JD. looking back at the situation i think i would have been better off letting the employee handle it, but im dont regret any of it.