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  1. Default Purchasing my first aquarium (75 gallon)

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    Hey guys, I'm purchasing my first aquarium soon and I wanted some tips and advice on all there is about owning fishes in a 75 gallon aquarium. What accessories are mandatory and optional? I was thinking of going to Petco or a local fish store around my area. What kinds of fishes do you recommend and which can I mix together in a 75 gallon? Thanks in advance for all the help guys!
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    So, basically what you're asking is "please do me a quicky course in fishkeeping"

    I'm afraid it's not that simple. There's an ebook here for beginners. There's stickies. Start by reading about the nitrogen cycle and how to do a fishless cycle.

    - heater
    - filter
    - water testing kit
    - ammonia

    Pretty darn useful:
    - net
    - planting tweezers
    - clean scrubbing sponge
    - small stainless scissors
    - piece of 1/2 hose or a gravel vac
    - dedicated plastic bucket

    As to heating, 300 watts. Filtration, depends on what you are going to get. Most likely you'll end up with a hang on back in which case you want filtration rated for 150 gallons.

    Fish... would be nice if we knew your water hardness. Few pointes: most species are schooling, means they need to be groups of at least 6. A lot of stores have no clue about maximum sizes, does. "I'll just return it when it gets too big" is something you hear a lot. In my opinion that's wrong, you keep promoting the import of overly large species that way.

    Hope this helps, good luck!

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    Welcome to the AC...
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    there is two main types of tanks marine and freshwater each has their own needs the basics are mostly the same.
    It would depend on what type of setup you want,if you want tropical mandatory equipment is one heater around 250 to three hundred watts, i would go for 2 75 gallon filters a good water testing kit preferably liquid, a bucket for water changes and a very good water conditioner like prime. gravel or sand for the bottom of the tank. If you want live plants, a planting tool, lights for plants and fertilizer and co2. I would say is that you decide what type of tank you want then when you get the tank setup and do a fishless cycle while you are researching your fish, i would suggest some easy fish like mollies,guppies neons at a later stage when the tank matures a bit, while you gain experiance, there are a good few species that do require alot of maintenace and care. if you are not sure about something always ask first all of us at one point all begginers. welcome to ac and congratulations of the 75 gallon its a good start and gives you more options at the end of the day for fish that you can keep.
    A quarintine tank is benificial a lot of the more experienced fish keepers often have small tanks like a 5 or 10 gallon as a precaution when adding new fish to our tanks, the same type of equipment is needed, i would also add some meds like anti ick, have some salt on hand as well, and something else like methyline blue, to be on the safe side.
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    we are all on a journey.
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    One thing I forgot an in tank thermometer

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    Kudos to you for researching before you buy fish.
    As talldutchie stated, start here

    In regards to what kind of fish I recommend, the possibilities are too many to name, a 75 gallon is a nice size to start with and without knowing your preferences, near impossible to recommend. You might want 1 oscar, or a couple jack dempsey, or several african cichlids, or a community of tetra. Knowing the GH, KH, and pH of your water will also help with suggestions, you should be able to find tests for those near the API freshwater master kit at your lfs.
    With a few exceptions, I don't generally subscribe to the "beginner fish" theory, but I do strictly subscribe to the "research the hell out of all fish you might be interested before you buy them" theory. I suggest you go to your lfs and look at what is available in your area and what fish interest you, DO NOT buy any yet, but write down their names and research their environmental requirements, adult size, and their territorial and social needs. Environmental needs will give you a basic idea of how you will need to set up your tank. For instance do the fish need sand or gravel, plants or rocks and caves, and what temperature they need the water. Adult size, and territorial/social needs will give you an understanding of how many fish you can get. Once you get a list of fish that you like, post the list here, many people here will be happy to help you "fine tune" the final stock options.
    For filtration on that size tank I suggest a couple canister filters rated for at least 75gallons each; Fluval, Eheim, and Rena are all good brands.
    The possibilities for you new tank is dependent on how much research and learning you are willing to do. A basic understanding of this hobby is all you really need to enjoy this hobby and maintain a healthy tank with thriving fish, but a better understanding will open up more possibilities for you, it's up to you. Do some research and ask a lot of questions and I am looking forward to seeing your tank develop.
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    Thorough research is what makes the difference between a good start in the hobby and yet another "help my fish are dying" thread. Even then you'll make some mistakes but not as many and probably no fatal ones.

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    Welcome to the AC!

    You have taken the correct first step by joining this forum. Then research, research, research. I just started my first tank, a 75 gal FW in December. Read the ebook here (lots of info) and check out the books at your local library. Mine had great books about the different fish species and gave me a starting point. Then I joined this forum. As it's your first aquarium (like me) ask questions before making decisions or purchases. A 75 gal is a great tank to start with, as it gives you lots of choices.

    My aquarium journal is at if you want to see my setup.
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  9. Default

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    Thank you guys for the warm welcome and advice so far! I really appreciate it!

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