I am hoping someone can shed some light on some recent events in my aquarium.

So I have a 20G, live plants, black gravel, wood. Parameters are all fine.

1 mystery snail
1 ghost shrimp
2 black kuhli loaches
1 striped kuhli loach
5 Ember Tetra
1 Female Betta
1 Flame Gourami
1 Sparkling Gourami

All of the above have been living together just fine for the past year.

4 baby itty bitty guppies in a floating mesh enclosure added one week ago.

So my tank buddies were happy and getting along until just the other day. I noticed my female Betta was nipping my dwarf flame gourami. I put a floating plastic enclosure in the tank and put her in it until I could figure out what to do, that was four days ago. Now all of a sudden my sparkling gourami is chasing my dwarf flame gourami. I thought sparkling gourami were peaceful!? The SG is always active, never hides and sort of hangs around with my ember tetra. Now I've noticed the SG has claimed the underneath of the baby guppy enclosure and chases everyone away from it.

I'm supposing I'll have to take the baby guppies out but I thought I would see if anyone has some suggestions or comments about this. Thanks!