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    Default day 28 , did i miss my nitrite spike ?

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    tank 20 gallon high with 20 gallon rated whisper filter, bottom of the tank is ~82'f slightly higher near the top,I have had an airstone in the tank + i tossed the aquaclear 20 powerhead on a few days ago for more circulation + aeration. Yes i used prime when i filled the tank and any time i topped the tank off with some water due to evaporation ( like once ) .

    i suspect that i may of missed my nitrite spike. i have been testing daily for ammonia a nitrites since 2/22/13 when i first dosed 2.0 ppm. It took awhile at first for that to drop.
    2/22/13 first dosed with 2.0 ammonia 0 nitrite
    slowly drops daily
    2/28/13 (1 am again calling it the 27th ). ammonia hit 0 (first time) 0 nitrites so I re-dosed again with the same amount (1 cap).
    slowly drops on the days the between
    2/28/13 8pm ammonia 2.0 nitrites 0
    slowly drops on the days the between
    3/2/13. ammonia hit 0 again 0 nitrites re-dosed again
    slowly drops on the days the between
    3/5/13 ammonia between 0-0.25 0 nitrites
    3/7/13. 1 am ( was late testing this one call it the 6th because it was like 1 am and i normally test around 8 pm) 0 ammonia 0 nitrites re-dosed 1 capfull
    3/7/13 8 pm ammonia 2.0 nitrites 0
    slowly drops on the days the between
    3/9/13 00:16 am ammonia 0.25 nitrites 0
    3/10/13 8 AM ammonia 0 nitrites 0 - re-dosed 1 capfull
    3/10/13 8 pm ammonia 2.0 nitrites 0
    3/11/13 ammonia 0 nitrites 0 - re-dosed 1 capfull
    3/12/13 ammonia 1.0 nitrites 0
    3/13/13 ammonia 0.0 nitrites 0 - re-dosed 1 capfull
    3/15/13 00:00 am (another late one consider it the day before) ammonia 1.0 nitrites 0
    3/15/13 9 pm ammonia 0 nitrites 0 - re-dosed 1 capfull
    3/16/13 ammonia 1.0 nitirites 0.0
    3/17/13 ammonia 0 nitrites 0 - re-dosed 1 capfull
    3/18/13 ammonia 1.0 nirites 0
    3/19/13 ammonia 0 nitrites 0 - re-dosed 1 capfull
    3/20/13 ammonia 1.0 nirirites 0
    3/21/13 ammonia 0 nitrites 0 - re-dosed 1 capfull - got curious after had added the ammonia and decided to test for nitrates came up with 80.0ppm
    Last edited by justanothertank; 03-22-2013 at 12:17 AM.

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    I'm sure someone more knowledgeable will be along shortly to assist you, but for now, maybe I can help. When you add ammonia how long does it take for the reading to come up as 0 ppm? From my understanding your tank is fully cycled when within a couple hours of adding ammonia, both your nitTRItes and ammonia read 0.

  3. Default

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    Sometimes you won't see the trite spike happen, even though it actually does. Assuming you haven't cleaned anything and restarted your cycle, it sounds to me like you are done.
    130g: 4 Angelfish, 2 Roseline Sharks, 12 Conga Tetras, 5 Kuhli Loaches, 1 Otocinslus, 1 Corydora

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    thanks yeah i most defiantly haven't cleaned anything :) i suspect that tomorrow
    it will be 1.0 ammonia again 0 nitrites 80 ppm or more nitrates as far stocking goes i should do large water change and get those that ammonia an nitrates down an stock the tank.
    as far stocking user Cermet gave me this suggestion " A 20 gal can hold a number of fish; Betta's are good community fish but never add barbs who will attack the Betta's fins. A school of neons or cardinals (12- 15), and a smaller school of Corries (6-8) are classic and very nice fish. Bleeding hearts would be good or black widow tetras. "

    i already have the rescue male betta in a small tank in the same room just waiting for his new home. was not sure how much stock and what i should pick up towards the stock first aside from the fish i already have. defiantly interested in some corries. not sure what the local fish place (not a chain) has in stock right now that i have gift card to either. should i go for the larger school of which first then get the corries later?

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    Not sure why you began the cycle with 2ppm of ammonia but then raised it to 8ppm. Your size tank would have done well to start at the 2ppm you used and then reduced to 1ppm once you saw nitrites registering. have never had nitrites according to your chart but I am also not seeing any nitrAtes, either. It looks to me as you have cleaned your filter or did not use dechlorinator and appears as you have not even started your cycle or lost it along the way.

    Did you read the cycling threads in my signature? It may answer some questions for you. Good luck.

    Re-read and see the nitrates now but 80 in nitrates is a clear indication you have overdosed the ammonia. Cut back as you have now done and things should finish up for you. Stock "nothing" until you have 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites and nitrates below 20.
    Last edited by Lady Hobbs; 03-22-2013 at 02:05 PM.

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    most defiantly used seachem prime first time i did enough for 20 gallons on the entire tank , never cleaned a thing most i did was add 1 gallon to the top of the tank that had evaporated which i used the proper dose of prime for 5 gallons of water (used some of the rest to change the water in the tiny tank with the betta. i wrote that first section poorly but are you sure that you re-read correctly as i never raised it to 8 ppm? that was me just pointing out the time as it deviated from normal. i dosed 1 capful which gave me 2.0 ppm to start and every time i re-dosed i used the exact same amount and as you can see on days i deviated from normal time it showed as 2.0 ppm on the next test.
    "2/28/13 8pm ammonia 2.0 nitrites 0"
    "3/10/13 8 AM ammonia 0 nitrites 0 - re-dosed 1 capfull "
    "3/10/13 8 pm ammonia 2.0 nitrites 0
    I have read your very detailed amazing post many times and much appreciate you taking the time to write it so well.
    so as i see it the only thing i did seemingly wrong was continuing to dose 2.0 ammonia when i should of been doing 1.0 ammonia (never saw a spike hence the post + the random test for nitrates last night)
    thanks for both your time by the way just being thorough this is not my first cycle but just my first fishless one.
    Last edited by justanothertank; 03-22-2013 at 03:38 PM.

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    Oh poopie! Now I see what you are saying. Nonetheless, still too much dosing. Dose your ammonia only one time per day no matter how fast it drops to 0. But only dose when ammonia has reached 0. For instance, if you do your test and see ammonia is at .50, then don't dose that day but wait for the next day and try to do it about the same time each day. Like each morning or each night, whenever you feel like.

    Sorry I misread.
    Last edited by Lady Hobbs; 03-22-2013 at 08:55 PM.

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    i never dosed ammonia twice in a 24 hour period, here is an example that i left out dates to make my post not so long.
    2/22 - 8 pm - ammonia 2.0 ppm (after the first dose)
    2/26 -8 pm - ammonia 0.0 - 0.25 | nitrites: 0.0
    2/27- no test at 8pm missed my test by 5 hours
    2/28/ -1 am - ammonia: 0.0 (first time)| nitrites: 0.0 - redosed ammonia to 2.0 ppm (1 capfull)
    3/1 - 11 pm - ammonia: 0.50 -1.0 | nitrites: 0.0
    3/2 - 8 pm - no testing
    3/3 - 8 pm - ammonia: 0.50 | nitrites: 0.0
    3/4 - 8 pm - ammonia: 0.25 | nitrites: 0.0
    3/5 - 8 pm - ammonia: 0.0-0.25 | nitrites: 0.0
    3/6 - i was late on testing by 5 hours (over slept) so tested when i woke up on
    3/7 - 1 am - ammonia: 0.0 | nitrites: 0.0 - redosed to 2.0 ppm (1 capfull)
    3/7 - 8 pm - ammonia 2.0 | nitrites: 0.0 - was only checking again to keep testing regular an 2.0 was what i excepted.
    3/8 - over slept a lil bit did it when i woke as shown in first post on 3/9 00:16 am

    my question is what now ? am i finished or not ? Can i just do a large water change to bring my nitrates down bellow 20 ppm and stock or not?
    Last edited by justanothertank; 03-23-2013 at 02:47 AM.

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    2/22 - ammonia: 1.0 | nitrites: 0.0
    2/23 - ammonia: 0.0 | nitrites: 0.0 - Re-dosed slightly less 2/3 of a capful
    please advise!
    also didn't test nitrates again but i know its 80.0 ppm or higher finished or not i suspect yes ? as mandyk suggested
    my basic understanding of chemistry in general say them nitrates didn't come from no where as i suspect Nitrobacter caused that N03. But lady hobbs made me have doubts. * more info the tank was setup for 3 years the last fish died i let the filter run awhile while i decided what to do. I decided to shut it down for awhile. 1-2 months (don't have exact) it sat with some water so bb died off. I drained the tank + vacuumed it out. filled it again vacumed to gravel line. cleaned the filter a bit the sponge i rinsed and i cleaned a bit near where the impeller goes . Filled the tank + added prime. ran the filter for a day or so to make sure it was running properly (had carbon in it for a day). I removed the carbon bag waited 2 days or so added ammonia.
    Last edited by justanothertank; 03-24-2013 at 04:45 AM.

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    hey another semi related question before i get a response as far filtration goes. AquaClear Quick Filter Powerhead Attachment is this considered a sponge filter ? i am assuming yes and BB will also grow in it ? i was considering picking up the attachment for my powerhead either way sometime later today. i have some salvinia i was going to add to the tank and was hoping i could do large water change drop nitrates under 20.0 ppm and stock. Thanks in advance for your time.

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