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  1. Default Is there any way to tell whether or not a betta will do well in a community tank?

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    I want to move my betta, Sora, into a 20g, heavily planted community tank with 2 female guppies, 2 ADFs, and a few ghost shrimp. I feel so bad leaving him in a 2.5g while I have that nice big tank with so few fish in it. He's very active, constantly following me around the room and begging for food. He ALWAYS has a large bubble nest, usually 2-5 inches in diameter. He flares at his food and sometimes displays at me from under his bubble nests. The fish currently in the 20g were chosen specifically for their docile nature. I watched them in the pet store to get a feel for their personalities before buying them.
    Do you think Sora will do well in the 20g with the other fish/frogs, or do you think he will attack them?
    Proud mommy of 1 betta, 1 ADF, and 3 guppies.

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    I have no experience with this, but I would personally add the beta to the large tank on a night when I am planning to be home for several hours. I would closely observe them all night and just see how it feels. I think the only way you know is to try.

    Like I said I have zero experience with betas, so you may want to wait for more educated advice.
    120 gallon FW bowfront in progress

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    I would be more concerned about how the guppies would affect you betta. Others here have kept a male betta with ADFs and have not had any problems. The guppies might stress the betta out by swimming fast or nipping the bettas fins. Also, if the guppies have flashy fins, the betta may mistake them for other male bettas and attack. I haven't had any real world experience with this, just pointing out possibilities.

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    I plan to move him in on a weekend when I don't have to work, that way I can spend a few days observing them all.
    I have heard about guppies fin nipping, but the two I chose seemed most docile out of the tank they were in at the store. They are females, so their fins are reduced with dull colors.
    I'll wait to see what some other people say before I attempt it, though.
    Proud mommy of 1 betta, 1 ADF, and 3 guppies.

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    Best to not keep bettas in tanks with fish that have similar body types and fins. Bettas vary in temperament, so what works for one betta may not for another. Only way to know for sure is to try it out and keep a close eye on the tank.

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    if the 2.5 gallon is light enough to move, try moving it next to the 20 gallon, and gauge his reactions to the swimming fish. Its a good test to see if he becomes happily excited, or starts flaring his knickers off.
    2 10 gallon tanks, 1 20 gallon tank, 1 Fluval Edge, 1 29 gallon tank, and one backyard pond.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiari View Post
    if the 2.5 gallon is light enough to move, try moving it next to the 20 gallon, and gauge his reactions to the swimming fish. Its a good test to see if he becomes happily excited, or starts flaring his knickers off.
    I hadn't even thought of that, I'll have to see if there's enough room on the table to fit the 2.5g. That's a really good idea.
    Proud mommy of 1 betta, 1 ADF, and 3 guppies.

  8. Default

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    You could try him in a breeder tank as well. I suggest buying some fake bamboo leaf to float on the surface of the large tank as well, or any other plant creating dense top cover. This gives everyone plenty of room to escape one another.

    I have one betta male, 3 betta females, 2 loaches, 15 neon tetras, a pictus cat, 3 small Cory cats, 2 juvenile balas, a red fin shark, 2 danios, 3 swords, a paddle tail newt and 2 plecos all happily coexisting with no drama in a 60g tall with a dbl size penguin filter and lots of layered cover. All betas are different, so good luck!

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    I personally wouldn't recommend moving a betta in with guppies. I think it will likely end up with your guppies picked on.
    I also would be willing to bet that Cluarains tank isn't more than a year old yet. I could very well be wrong but I suspect that once the fish in that tank start to reach maturity, drama will follow...

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    I think you could try it if you were able too stand by with a net just in case. I moved my very curious betta into a 10 gallon tank from a 2 gallon bowl and he seemed lost. I slowly added other fish just to see.. first a cory cat. He was very interested but never attacked. Within a couple monthes i added more with no problem. He now happily resides with 2 corys,2 chinese algae eaters,5 neons,2 endlers guppys,1 cobra endlers guppy(that has a big yellow fin),and a mystery snail. Everybody gets along great. He seems to enjoy the level of constant activity but knows he is still the star of the show. I know every betta has such individual personality but with 20 gallons your fish might not fell as territorial, especially since it will be all new to him. Maybe try n see.

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