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  1. Default Yay! Bigger tank for my goldies, finally!

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    I wanted to have my goldfish in one this time last year, but I finally got a bigger tank for them!

    I pick it up on Saturday, 2 days from now, and got it from eBay..... 3-foot tank, nice looking
    cabinet, light, and 2 canister filters..... from the photos, one looks to be a Fluval 203, and the
    other an Eheim (can't tell the kind, but similar size to the Fluval). The guy has a few swordtails
    (I think) in there and the tank is still running.... until I get it Saturday, and he'll keep the fish.

    Just wondered how you would recommend, if anything, to clean the filters. I was going to take
    out whatever media he had in them and replace them with the noodles and wool I have in my
    current tank to keep the cycle hopefully. I'm sure I'll have to add more, though. So, after removing
    his media, would I/should I clean the filters, and how and with what?

    And, I'd continue to use both filters..... so would I divide my filter media and put a bit in each filter?
    Or, would I just put all of it in one and all new stuff in the other?

    I've never really have had any health issues with my goldfish and I don't want to take any
    chances with introducing anything that his fish might have had.

    I'm excited for my fish! :)


  2. #2


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    I recently acquired a used tank for myself. I ripped everything apart and cleaned it with a water and vinegar solution to remove a lot of old caked on junk and hard water stains.
    Some things that were really dirty I cleaned with a light bleach solution and then let it sit for a long time. I don't imagine doing any of this would hurt as long as you rinse it well and possibly let it wait for a day or 2 after cleaning before you move your fish over. This is all assuming that you don't clean your filter media that you're moving over so you can maintain the cycle.
    I don't think it matters how you distribute the old filter media between the two filters. The water's going to run through it all and the old media will seed the new. I definitely recommend packing those canisters as full of media as you can. Lots of room for that BB to grow.
    How many goldfish will be in this tank? To me three feet still sounds a little small.
    120 gallon FW bowfront in progress

  3. Default

    0 Not allowed!
    Gave it a good scrubbing with a weak bleach & water solution, rinse rinse rinse, then dried in the sun. Goldie's won't get to see it until later in the week, so time for remnants of chlorine from the bleach to dissipate. Also, when I fill it I'll give it a little extra prime to be sure.

    Having a hard time getting any more of the water deposits off, a light "film" of it in a few places at the top.

    The two canister filters have the previous owner's filter media in it still. I'm assuming that I could reuse the ceramic noodles, but wouldn't want to introduce anything his fish may have had. So, was going to sit noodles in boiling water for a few minutes...figure that'd be ok, but obviously new wool. Have only had the built-in filter in current tank, so excited to have the two better filters!

    Since I haven't had canister filters before, wanted to be sure I put the media in properly when I get to it. Water in through the top, so coarser wool on top, then lots of noodles, then would I put a finer wool at the bottom? I have charcoal, but don't use it as per some of the info I've gotten here, not really necessary unless wanting to remove meds.

    Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated.

    Excited about my "new" tank!

  4. Default

    0 Not allowed!
    That setup sounds right as far as media configuration for the canister filter. You can have a sponge on top (I don't know if that's what you mean by wool) or other pre-filter media, then your bio-media, and then any polishing pads or charcoal if you want to use it, or you can use more bio-media. I have a BIG canister that works the opposite way, so I have to do everything in the other direction with that one.

    Good luck getting the setup going. I wish I had some advice for you for removing the water deposits off, but I never found a way to get it all either.

  5. #5


    0 Not allowed!
    Do make sure you understand the filter. The classic eheim (and quite a few filters that copied that design) draws in the water in the bottom and returns it from the top.

    Classic cannister load is something to catch particles in the bottom, then biological media, then something to polish up the water before returning. On my small classic eheim I got two sponges in the bottom, a load of glass sinter media and a wad of floss to catch any remaining particles.

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