I wanted to have my goldfish in one this time last year, but I finally got a bigger tank for them!

I pick it up on Saturday, 2 days from now, and got it from eBay..... 3-foot tank, nice looking
cabinet, light, and 2 canister filters..... from the photos, one looks to be a Fluval 203, and the
other an Eheim (can't tell the kind, but similar size to the Fluval). The guy has a few swordtails
(I think) in there and the tank is still running.... until I get it Saturday, and he'll keep the fish.

Just wondered how you would recommend, if anything, to clean the filters. I was going to take
out whatever media he had in them and replace them with the noodles and wool I have in my
current tank to keep the cycle hopefully. I'm sure I'll have to add more, though. So, after removing
his media, would I/should I clean the filters, and how and with what?

And, I'd continue to use both filters..... so would I divide my filter media and put a bit in each filter?
Or, would I just put all of it in one and all new stuff in the other?

I've never really have had any health issues with my goldfish and I don't want to take any
chances with introducing anything that his fish might have had.

I'm excited for my fish! :)