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    Default Rate my stocking?

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    Hey guys. I've been stuck on this stock list for my 4ft 65g for quite a while and can't decide what I want to do. I currently have:

    - 16 Harlequin Rasbora
    - 16 Cardinal Tetras
    - 8 Dwarf Chain Loaches
    - 2 Golden Black-eyed Ancistrus
    - 2 German Blue Rams
    - 1 baby Blood Parrot Cichlid

    ... and can't decide whether or not to increase my current schools or add another species. The tank looks very empty, especially in the lower regions as the Dwarf Chains actually spend more time schooling with the tetras and rasboras than hanging out amongst the plants. I have been contemplating EITHER adding 8 Panda Corydoras, OR increasing the harleys and cardinals to 20 each and the chains to 10 (10 is the absolute limit with these as they're $27 each, so I've already spent A LOT on this school). Adding the Cories would be the cheaper option but I'm just not sure. I've also contemplated adding 4-5 Platys (all male), just to add a splash more colour.


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    How about some embers, mine swim all levels, and go beserk hunting around when I vac the gravel, almost to the extent of burrowing

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    Got an uptodate tank shot somehwere? Last I could find dates to november.

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    This is it about a week ago. Since then the Angel has been removed and there's a school of cardinals and a baby BP. Stil looks pretty empty tho. Will try and get a slightly more current one tomorrow.

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    The platies are an option. Would be easy to rehome if you tire of them. Cories would work with that sand.

    Personally.... I'd wait and see about getting the plants to grow in and spread. It's awfully empty for some of the species you keep.

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    I know, it's pretty empty at the moment. It will probably look more "full" when the plants grow in. I'm using JBL root balls, Flourish once weekly and EXCEL every other day and I'm already seeing a lot of healthy growth. I cut my hygrophilia right back before I replanted it and hopefully it won't look nowhere near as stark once they start to take off again. However, I assume it's the better lighting and ferts I'm now using, I'm noticing a lot of my plants are growing outward rather than rapid upward growth with big gaps in between the leaves like they used to get.

    Say Dutchie -- would you be able to recommend me any plants? I currently have Sagittaria and dwarf sag, hygrophilia polysperma, Java moss and fern, SAURURUS CERNUUS, an echinodorus sp. and a plant which was sold to me as "cherry leaf". No idea what it actual is but it grows like mad.

    Here's a picture of the mystery plant. It's the broad-leafed one in the middle and beside the ancistrus, with the pale undersides on the leaves. Any idea what it is? it's my favourite aquatic plant by far. I got given one free cutting about a year ago when I bought some tetras from a LFS and I have propogated dozens and dozens of huge plants from that.

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    I think some corydoras would be wonderful for that tank. They do well in sand, they dwell at the bottom and help keep food leftovers from fouling the water. You could do a single school of 6-8 sterbai cories, I personally enjoy doing 4-5 sterbai, and 4-5 false julii. they look like ngeative images of each other and are a cool effect.

    If you want something different, a single rainbow shark can also be a nice addition to a tank like that.

    I tend to steer away from mollies and platys, but thats my personal preference. I dont find them terribly pretty or interesting, they are food hogs, and are constantly popping out little fry all over the tank.
    55 Gallon Freshwater Tank (semi-planted) 48"x21"x13"

    Video of 55GAL Tank - DEC 2012

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    A rainbow shark with those loaches? In my opinion that's asking for issues in 6 months time

    Amelia, I can recommend dozens of plants but that would be pointles sif you can't get them. Any sites to give me an idea what's available locally?

    That plant you have looks awfully familiar, I'm 99.9% sure I had that in my previous tank. Bought it at ikea for next to nothing and it grows at an amazing rate. Got the name somewhere, will dig it up for you.

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    Looks to me like a big boddied fish is due to your tank. In a 65, I would try to get an angel or some larger rainbows... somthing to really pop against all that white...

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    2nd that to sandz.

    maybe a pair/trio of keyhole cichlids?

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