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    Default Stocking Advise - Working w/Angelfish

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    My 46 gallon tank where I work is pretty bare. I had a big die off over the course of several months (due to old age I'm thinking) and would like to restock it. Right now, all I have is (1) clown pleco, (1) angelfish, (1) julli corycat, and (1) oto cat.

    I really want to add a couple of firemouth cichlids, but I know that they can't be mixed with angels so my next choice would be a pair of bolivian rams. I was also considering maybe some gouramis, but I'm concerned about the angels fins/feelers. I'd also like to add a few more corycats to keep my current one company. My question regarding corycats is if the different species will interact with each other. I'm going to try to find jullis, but if I can only find emeralds, will that be ok? Will my current corycat try to mingle wiht them?

    Can you recommend any other fish that would be suitable to add? This is a 46 gallon bow front. It's been running for about 8 years now so it's completely established.

    One other question, I do not have a QT tank. I only have this 46 gallon, my stocked 75 gallon at home, and an empty 10 gallon at home. If I were to just fill up the 10 gallon and hook up a thermometer and filter now (no gravel, I'll put some type of rock structure in though), would the fish be ok in it for the weekend? I'm looking to pick the fish up on a Friday and bring them to work Monday. Due to my work schedule I don't have time during the workday to go fish shopping so this the best alternative I can think of.

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    I can't see gourami's going after the feelers of angelfish but the problem I do see if the reference to "some" gourami's. Gourami's get along together just about as well as angels so if you were to get a gourami, I would keep it at one only, just like the angel.

    I too like firemouths but I can tell ya that they spawn about every month and the population can easily become 200 if you have nothing to eat them or no one to give them to. I wish we could wave a little wand at our fish and keep repeating "safe sex" and they would magically STOP spawning!! I gave my firemouths away altho they were great fish but culling hundreds of babies was not something I appreciated. Killing fish is not why I got into this hobby.

    Different corys do not school together so you'll have to get some others and keep an eye open for more jullis. You can only do what you can do and if they aren't available, the fish will have to do with what they have. I have several oddballs left out of schools that appear to want to live forever. I either can't find more of them or don't want more of them. Who knows? Perhaps your jullis will fit right in with your new selection.

    Personally, I would get more corys, the rams you want and fill the tank with one or two large schools of tetra's. Or one school of tetra's and a school of cherry barbs and nix the firemouths and the gourami.

    (I would avoid getting serpae tetra's, however, due to the fins of the angel.)
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    Hobbs has some great advice for you so far, but in regard to the later questions.

    Hook your 10 gallon filter to either your 75 or 46G tank and let it run for several (4+ would be ideal) weeks to establish a good BB colony and then your 10 would be a fine QT. Keep them in the QT for a minimum of 2 weeks before you put them in the established tank, to ensure the safety of your remaining fish.

    If you skip the running the filter on the main tank step, then your new fish will be additionally stressed as they are used to cycle the 10G for at least the duration of the weekend.

    If you skip or skimp the QT, well then any nasties they had at the pet store you may introduce to your established tank.

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