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  1. Default 29g tall 36w of T-5 67k lighting what light range of plants?good online plant shops?

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    Like the title says am I looking at very low light, low, or moderate? Considering it's 18 inches tall I'm worried about how much light really reaches through all that water. I was thinking maybe high light floating plants and low-moderate rooted plants in my 2 1/2'' sand bed. I'm not opposed to buying another 36 watts of light if needed either but I'm trying to ease into this world of planted tanks which is foreign to me.

    Also on that note I have api root tabs that I'm using sparingly with only 2 plants atm; I read the stickys and they tend to say to scale up with you're plants when it comes to additives.

    I've always had a green thumb with house plants and even grew pothos underwater in my old tank; which actually grew rather well if you can believe that. I also had marijuana plants growing out of my filter media near the window when I was like 16 lmao.

    The plant selection is PATHETIC locally; at most I can get maybe 5 diff. species here so I may need to order my plants online; does anyone know a good site for that?

  2. #2


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    I'd say low to moderate. Anubias crypts some echinodorus are a few that come to mind.

  3. Default

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    A good friend of mine sells under the name mikeswetpets on aquabid, you can look at what he has posted and then just email him direct at

    He has good prices and will take care of you well.

    As for plant choices I think crypts, jungle vals, some rotala and wisteria would be a great mix for you.

    If you want to add any ferts, I use 's macro micro mix and the stuff works great, I also dose with metricide 14 rather the flourish excel. (but both aren't needed for the plants I listed)

  4. Default

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    Wow I'm never going to buy another plant around here again, hes selling entire assortments of 11 plants for $41 dollars and only $9 shipping!! I was paying 5 bucks for a half dead plant at my LFS and I didnt even know wtf it was.

  5. Default

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    Yea he is good to. Everyone of my plants in my tanks since I met him has come from him. He will tell you right up front if a tank of his has any snails, a few do, a few don't. Just check the plants either way (but you should do this anyway)

    He can stock you fairly well too. He always brings a ton of plants to our local auctions. If you don't like everything in the assortment, email him and he'll put together a package for you

  6. Default

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    Sounds great, I can't wait to get rid of my cycling koi; everyday he mauls my plants. I've always been great with plants just never tried my hand at them in the aquarium much because I always had fish that either would move them or eat them.

    So you all think that 36w of t-5 6700k lighting is enough? I could double it if I wanted for about $80 or so. From what I've seen there are lots of low-mod plants that look nice. The more colorful ones always seem to be higher light though.

  7. Default

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    I finally figured out what plants I have atm. anacharis and some type of ludwigia. They looked like crap when I bought them and haven't improved much from the koi. Worst off i just wasted 10 bucks and found out about Mike on aquabid; he'll be making some cash off me soon.
    Last edited by FishGuy67; 03-20-2013 at 04:01 PM.

  8. Default

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    I think the light you have is ok. If you want you can always add a second strip light (as long as you have glass top on the tank)

  9. Default

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    I don't have any top on my tank just the light raised a bit over the water and held on the sides. I didn't figure it to be an issue ya know water getting in it; it's been like that for a month or so and I haven't had any issues. I could probably get a piece of fitted glass for the top if I needed.

  10. Default

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    Just so you can see what Mike can do for you..

    look at around post 200 and on

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