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  1. Default kuhli loaches and elephant nose?

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    Hi, I'm a newbi with tanks and to the forums so i'll just throw my question out there. I have 5 kuhli loaches and i just bought an elephant nose today and i noticed that my kuhli loaches and picking at the elephant's fins. Are these loaches not good with elephants or is it
    because he's new?

  2. #2


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    what is your tank size?
    do you have other fish?

    what are your water parameters? ammonia/nitrite/nitrate?

    and welcome to the forum, we are happy to help

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    Elephant nose don't mix well with a lot of other species and they need a big amount of space.

  4. Default

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    I had my water tested at my local shop and its fine. I have a 55 gallon long and along with the fish i listed above, i have a pleco, 2 small clown loaches, 2 jurupari and one long finned oscar.

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    do you have the actual parameters?
    Fine is a bit vague. My local shop said my water tests fine (when I was cycling and had .5ppm thats why we need #'s)

    and sadly, you're tank will run into issues very fast with your current stock.
    an oscar needs a 75gallon at the minimum b/c of the size requirements-physically it wont be able to turn around in a 55gallon tank. see image link...

    pleco=which kind?

    clown loaches=need at least 90-100gallon tank because they get to be 12 inches long: see on this link...

    and your elephant fish can't fit in a tank that size either, they get 10+ inches.
    your jurupari get 10inches.

    so your loaches are picking on the fish
    but your oscar will destroy your khuli's, clowns, and have a extreme battle with your jurupari....

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    Shops always say it's fine, as long as it's still liquid.

    As mizzou says, your stocking is so bad you shouldn't make it worse by adding yet another unsuitable fish.

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