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  1. Question Help! My gourami is dying!

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    Since two days ago, I realized that my Dwarf Gourami has reduced its appetite. He usual comes up to the surface when I feed him. Yesterday, I realized that he just sat on the gravel and not really moving at all. He looks like have a very full belly, and he has a clear strip (around 5mm) hanging where the poops comes out, but it's still there when I checked tonight, and it didn't get longer (I would think it would get longer or disappear if it is poop). I tried to feed him by pushing flakes (using bamboo stick) in front of him, but he showed no interest to those flakes at all. Sometimes, he would suck in a whole piece of flake and spit it out like he couldn't swallow the whole thing. After couple tries, he would just ignore it. (I saw him doing that before, but he always chases the flake until he can eat it.) I changed water yesterday and cleaned the foam in my filter system (Aqua clear 30). I have algae problem for weeks. I always tried to clean out all the algae that grew on the gravel and leave the ones on decorations along because I had 3 snails (two of them died recently which I didn't know why either). Four hours after I changed the water, I tested the water, and the nitrite level was good. However, I have a close to 0.5 ppm ammonia level and 5.0 ppm nitrate level. My PH level has always been high up to 8.2. I know this is bad, but I don't know what to do.Is the bad water quality cause by over growing algae? (They always grow back two days after I change the water). I also have two bleeding heart tetra in my tank and they seems doing fine. So, total stock in my 10 gallon tank is 1 ivory mystery snail, 1 dwarf gourami, 2 bleeding heart tetra, and 1 moss ball.

    What could I do to save my gourami????

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    Water change every day 50% or more every day to bring that ammonia to 0. That should also perk him up some. Hard water is not your problem here.

    Pour epsom salt at 1 tbs/5 gallons, mixing in dechlor water first and pour into tank. This will help him with the bloat problem. Keep us posted.

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    I checked him this morning and the clear strip is longer. So, it is poop? I am so confused.

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    Take some photos and post. Is he still bloated? Keep up with the water changes.

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    a shelled pea will help more than the salt treatment.

    snails generally don't appreciate the salt and it can burn them.

    your need to keep that ammonia level under 0.25ppm
    what are your nitrite levels?
    what do you use to test the water levels?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mizzoutank View Post
    a shelled pea will help more than the salt treatment.

    what are your nitrite levels?
    what do you use to test the water levels?
    A shelled pea? the ones we eat?
    My nitrite level is good 0 ppm but my nitrate level is high, 5.0 ppm
    I use API Freshwater Master Test Kit.

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    Yes, he is, and he is still not eating. Could this be worms in his body?

    Attached Images Attached Images
    Last edited by jjliu; 03-20-2013 at 05:56 PM.

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