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  1. Default Cooling down aquarium

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    Summer is fast approaching and I'm looking at ways to keep my aquarium cool. In the past during the summer my aquarium can get upwards of 83 degrees.

    I've research some and think the most economical approach is using fans blowing on the surface of the water. I would like to use your guy's experience with cooling. I have a sump tank and that's where I would like to cool the water down before returning to take. I'll get some pictures of the sump tank so you guys have a better idea what I'm working with. For now, suggestions on fans?
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    Custom made Wet/Dry/Sump Filter System, AquaClear 20 Powerhead, RenaCal Excel 300 Heater, artificial plants
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    "Plans go wrong for lack of advice; many advisers bring success." King Solomon.
    Pictures of my 10 Gal Sump Filtration project

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    I've seen some people freeze dechlorinated water in clean plastic bottles and put that in their tank or in your case you could put them in your sump.
    When I go fishing I just throw sharp rocks in the water and wait for the dead fish to float to the top... Kingfisher
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    That's an option. Best is a chiller. Are papst fans for sale where you live?

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    Sure, a chiller is great if you want to throw $500 at the "problem".

    My aquariums get warm in the summer too - over 80. Is there a reason you feel you have to do something about it? It's quite natural for fish to live in warmer water during the warmer months. Only in an aquarium do fish have a chance at getting a constant year round temp. Too, is that even a good thing? If you're really concerned you can clip a fan to the sump, but I would not worry too much about it. I've looked into ways to cool my tanks in years past, and decided against it. Though, with only one tank, it's not as big of a task as cooling 10 tanks. But still.

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    I have found that if the tank reaches 83, that the room is too hot for me, as well. I installed a wall air conditioner. Water chillers are "very" expensive and not for little tanks due to that cost.

    But, the days that are actually too hot for an aquarium are few. Close your house off, do not allow the heat to get IN, keep tank lights off as much as possible and the fish will be fine. Temp will drop again at night.
    People crank the heat up to 86-87 to treat Ick but then panic in the summer if the tank gets 83. ????
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    Been battling the heat and humidity here for a few years as well, can get bad during the hot summer months. Really dislike having to use the air conditioner too often, gets costly when it's on constantly. Done a few things to deal with the heat. I avoid adding to the heat during the day for my planted tanks by changing the timers so the lights come on in the early morning and in the evening. I was lucky enough to pick up some blackout curtains when they were on sale, the ones I have help act as a thermal break, keeps the heat out. In winter helps to trap the heat in. I also leave the ceiling fan on, just to helps to keep the air moving, can get horribly humid here.

    I have a few screen covers for some of my aquariums made out of plastic window trim and I think bird netting. Basically just like a screen you see on windows, using that as a cover on the tank instead of glass tops that trap the heat in. Easy to cut the trim to whatever size you need, I think I bought the parts at home depot. Copied this idea from a post a local reef club member made, also bought the mesh from them. The original post Was posted a few years ago and the pictures he posted are gone, but a few members posted some pics of their mesh tops.

    Individually a lot of the things I posted don't do much on their own, but together they have really helped me keep the temps down.

    Can buy a cheap clip on fan from walmart. Will help take temperature down a few degrees, but keep in mind it will raise the evaporation rate.

    Frozen bottles of water can help but really a short term solution, have to keep replacing them too much work when you have a lot of tanks set up.
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    Good post and that's what it takes to keep the heat out. I open my doors and windows in the early morning and after dark. During the day my place is closed off and no sun is coming in. Good point with the lights, too. If there are no plants, the lights can stay off.

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    Would like to stay away from frozen bottles. I don't feel I have as much control going this route. Also I would like something that is almost maintenance free.

    I'll have to look further into papst fans, what I've search thus far they appear to be high-end fans and I'm thinking expensive. Can you tell me your experience with these fans and why you recommend?

    Yeah a chiller at $500 will cause more problems - with the wife. I understand these temps are not extreme, I'm sure others here have had much higher temps during the summer months. I just want to be able to control the temp a little more.

    We have a home AC and electric thermostat which during the day while no one is home is set to 82. Unfortunately the room the tank is in, and only room available, I believe is the hottest room in home and I'm sure it's probably upwards of 85-86 before the AC actually kicks on.

    I've had the typical floor standing fan on pointing at the aquarium with the hood open and that surprisingly does a pretty good job. However my wife was upset when she saw this and demanded I did not leave the fans on during the day. :(
    So I do not think I need anything really elaborate.

    It probably would help to express what I'm looking for.
    1. low power consumption
    2. small/compact
    3. low, preferably almost no noise
    4. low maintenance
    5. self regulating fan according to temps or place on timer

    My parent-n-laws live in Columbus GA and yeah those summer months are very humid.
    That screen covers sound like a good idea, especially if I'm looking at getting some silver hatchet fish in the future. I can also adjust when and how long my lights are on, although I'll like to make this a planted take at some point and think more light would be better.

    @Lady Hobbs
    Yeah the room is pretty miserable to me too, though I'm not usually at home when it gets this way.

    So would the consensus be 83 is not so bad? Maybe I don't need a fan, but just make other little adjustments to keep the aquarium cool or at least keep it from going up any further.
    25 Gal - Tropical
    Custom made Wet/Dry/Sump Filter System, AquaClear 20 Powerhead, RenaCal Excel 300 Heater, artificial plants
    Fish - 7 Blackskirt Tetras, German Blue Ram, Bulldog Pleco, Assassin snail.
    "Plans go wrong for lack of advice; many advisers bring success." King Solomon.
    Pictures of my 10 Gal Sump Filtration project

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    83 is not so bad for the short term of the hot periods of summer. I mean, people's fish ponds reach 90 degrees in the summer - if their goldfish can handle it, and they do, I think your fish will do just fine. Excellent tips were given on how to control the heat. Like what was eluded to with the black outs, the more barriers between the differing temps, the better the insulation will be (that;s why double pane windows are so much better than single).

    In addition to the cost of the chiller, is the cost to run it. I actually think it would be cheaper to run a chiller on a smaller tank than a larger one, so in that regard, your tank is a good candidate for one. That all being said, if you are handy you could make your own chiller for much less, I'm sure.

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    what are your fish?
    example: rams enjoy that 80 deg temp.
    pleco's aren't a big fan of it.

    so it also varies on what you are stocking.

    My tanks all run at 80deg and my fish enjoy it.
    i'm sure 83 wouldn't bug them too much.

    another thing to check/keep covered/colder is your sump. I know that when the sun hits my cannister filter, it rises the temp in that-causing warmer tank water, ya know?

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