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  1. Default New Tank - Help Please ?

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    I have a 35 Gallon Hex tank that a friend gave to me. I have no idea what kind of stuff I would need for it (i.e. heater, filter, pumps, bubblers). I want to put small fish in it, like 2 - 3 inch fish.

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    get a filter rated for at least twice the size of the tank. that means for your tank you should get a filter rated for at least 70 gallons. hang on back filters such as the aquaclear will provide you with the most bang for your buck. if your filter creates a lot of surface disturbance/agitation, you don't have to get an air pump, but if the surface is relatively still then you could look into it. you will also need a heater if you plan to keep tropical fish. it is usually recommended to have 3-5 watts of heating power per gallon of tank water. don't forget to cycle your tank(see pinned articles in the beginner section) and be sure to research the needs and future sizes of all of your stock.

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    Best beginner fish ever (IMO): Neon tetras; glowlight tetras; black neon tetras; cardinal tetras. Not only are they pretty, docile, and fairly hardy, they don't get very big. They are also pretty cheap if you make a newbie mistake and lose a few. Also a few corey cats are good to chow down any excess food (sinking wafers also good to keep on hand to feed them). Then for your algae concerns you can go with a pleco or snails. (I always like snails, but some don't). Olive nerite snails are my new favorite.

    I never had good luck with danios (zebra) or tiger barbs. They were always too aggressive with other fish, but if that's all you want they should be fine and I read danios are maybe one of the most hardy fish you can get.

    Like Mada mentioned make sure you cycle your tank. Very easy to do but it will take quite a bit of time to complete. Check out cycling for details. While you will definitely lose some fish while you learn, not cycling the tank first is almost genocide. My best suggestion is try to find someone with an established tank and use their tank media (filter if they have a hang on back filter) so you can immediately introduce all the good bacteria and some of the mess it feeds on. If you don't have the same tank you can just float it. You will read what I mean...

    Last thing I'll comment on is the number of fish you buy. Each type of fish adds a different bio load to your water. For example my fancy guppies mandate frequent and large water changes to keep the water from getting toxic. My Neon tank, not so much. For the same reason be aware how much you feed whatever you get.

    haha, last last thing, buy a good water testing kit. While they are more expensive, liquid kids are much better than paper. I have the API kit and it works well and usually explained any issues with die offs/sick fish when I got back into the hobby.

    Hope that helps. Welcome to the hobby and welcome to the AC. The people here will be a tremendous help as they were to me when I got back into it.

    Shrimp and snail junkie... What can I say, I like the little things in life.

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    Thank You, Madagascar and Rich. I look forward to starting this thing up and will post pictures of my progress. I think I'm gonna go with tetras to start out with, I like the looks of the neon tetras and the black neon tetras, and then research what other kinds of fish I can introduce into the environment.

    This is the beginning

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    Oh, and a little side note. We have spring water here, we don't have "city water". Does that mean I won't have to use solutions to get chlorines and other chemicals out ?

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    The other posters are spot on, one maybe two filters (in case one dies so you have back up filtration with beneficial bacteria in it. This is explained in the cycling section of the forum), heater, air pump/stone (optional), liquid test kit (ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and pH are a necessity, kH and gH are good to have too if you like but not absolutely necessary), gravel/sand for substrate (but looks like you might already have some), decorations (rocks, driftwood, plants etc, can be live/real or artificial, up to you. I think tetras like plants and stuff to hide in/for protection), thermometer, net, glass scraper/cleaner, bucket/hose for water changes, gravel vacuum (optional but highly recommended)

    For stocking, is a good place to get a ball park figure on stocking numbers. Just enter your tank dimensions and filter size and enter the numbers of fish you want. It will tell you your % of stocking capacity filled and if any fish you choose are incompatible. It is not perfect, but good for a general idea on stocking.

    Sorry, seems like a lot, a fair bit of the stuff I listed is optional, but I highly recommend getting, it depends how much you want to spend on the hobby, there's so many things you can research about this hobby so ill let you make your own decision with the options :)

    I highly recommend a fishless cycle like the others suggested, takes a while but so worth it! :)
    Sorry if I have confused you, please let me know if I have and ask all the questions you come up with
    Good luck with the tank and enjoy the fun! :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by JamesO315 View Post
    Oh, and a little side note. We have spring water here, we don't have "city water". Does that mean I won't have to use solutions to get chlorines and other chemicals out ?
    I'm not sure about this sorry, have no experience with spring water. I'm sure another poster will know but if they don't maybe get a chlorine test kit maybe? Last resort probably better to use conditioner just to be safe, I don't think it would hurt your tank/fish. Sorry for the ignorance!
    Also just another note, if you get live plants you may or may not need more stuff (brighter lights/CO2 system/fertilizer), depends on what plants.
    Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JamesO315 View Post
    Oh, and a little side note. We have spring water here, we don't have "city water". Does that mean I won't have to use solutions to get chlorines and other chemicals out ?
    How do you get your water? Natural spring or bottled? If it's bottled there is an ingredient list (on the bottle or from the supplier) - check it for chlorine/chloramine. If present, you need to dose with Seachem Prime. I would think there wouldn't be any chlorine or chloramine in natural spring water. Get the API master test kit and also an API GH/KH test kit to test general and carbonate hardness - very important. Spring water can vary - might have the necessary minerals, etc, might not. Well worth the expense to be sure of your water parameters.
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