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Thread: Refugium Setup?

  1. Default Refugium Setup?

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    I'd like to setup a refugium. I've read and heard that if there is a power outage, it can siphon and flood the tank. Is this true? If not, what comes after the main tank with the fish in it? The refugium or the filter? This is how I've got it planned:

    [Main 75g Tank] -Water-Pump-> [Refugium] -Filter-Pump-> [Filter] -Filter Pump--> [Main 75g Tank]

    It makes more sense to me that the refugium comes first because the filter doesn't have to directly intake the water from the main tank. Am I correct?
    10 Gallon: 5 Peppered Corys | Pool Filter Sand | x2 AquaTech 5-15 Power Filter | 2 plastic plants

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    If your sump is properly designed then you wouldn't have to worry about either the sump or display tank ever flooding. Now, using two water pumps (one from DT to sump, other from sump to DT) sounds like a flood waiting to happen. You should never us a pump to move the water in the DT down to the sump. Instead, use an overflow which will feed the water to the sump via gravity. Also, I don't see why you would need a filter if you're using the sump; the sump IS the filter.

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    So would I use PVC piping to make the gravity feeder, or something else? (I understand your point, but with the videos I've watched, it looks confusing.) If PVC, then do I drill holes in the PVC inside the main tank (leaving the top of the PVC open and above the water)? Then would I run the PVC below the tank in the cabinets to inside the refugium, and then pull the water from the refugium into the EHEIM Ecco 2236 Canister Filter, and return it to the main tank?

    This sounds right to me, but is it truly?
    10 Gallon: 5 Peppered Corys | Pool Filter Sand | x2 AquaTech 5-15 Power Filter | 2 plastic plants

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    You can build an overflow using pcv as you've seen in the videos. It's the cheapest method, but takes some work. You need to make sure air can get in, but not out (check-valve usually). There's many different methods to building a pcv overflow. Most of them work well, some are noisier than others.

    Another way to get water to your sump is an overflow box. Bit pricey and take up more room, but work well.
    your friendly neighbourhood arowanaman!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crispy View Post
    You need to make sure air can get in, but not out (check-valve usually).
    Either a typo or I'm misunderstanding. You DON'T want air to get into the PVC overflow as it can stop the siphon and prevent any water from overflowing to the sump. When this happens, the return chamber of the sump gets completely emptied and the return pump runs dry. To prevent this, a hole is drilled on the top of the U section of PVC that sits on the tank and a check valve (with the arrow pointing up) is secured into the hole. This way, any air gathering at the top of the U can be removed manually, or tubing can run from the check valve to the venturi of the return pump to prevent any air from gathering.

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    Thanks for catching my mistake. I was totally backwards there. Yes, the easy way to prime the overflow is to suck all the air OUT.
    your friendly neighbourhood arowanaman!

  7. Default

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    So following , I've figured out how I need to set it up. Here's the problem: he said too small of a hold would make the overflow act as a siphon. How large of a hold do I need? I understand noise is a factor, but I just need to know the regular hole size.
    10 Gallon: 5 Peppered Corys | Pool Filter Sand | x2 AquaTech 5-15 Power Filter | 2 plastic plants

  8. Default

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    Read following article, it helped me out tremendously.
    25 Gal - Tropical
    Custom made Wet/Dry/Sump Filter System, AquaClear 20 Powerhead, RenaCal Excel 300 Heater, artificial plants
    Fish - 7 Blackskirt Tetras, German Blue Ram, Bulldog Pleco, Assassin snail.
    "Plans go wrong for lack of advice; many advisers bring success." King Solomon.
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    If you take your time to do the research FIRST, you can successfully set-up and keep ANY type of aquarium with ease.
    "Not using a quarantine tank is like playing Russian roulette. Nobody wins the game, some people just get to play longer than others." - Anthony Calfo
    Fishless Cycle Cycling with Fish Marine Aquarium Info [URL=""]

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    Drill 2 holes in the main tank with an internal weir box and have a tap on the lower pipe it will be almost silent. You only need a return pump and if you have a spray bar above the water surface of your main then you wont have to worry about it syphoning back to your refuge if the power goes out.
    1) 140 gallon with 70 gallon sump. 1 German Rams, 50 neons , 16 Schwarzi cory, 10 harlequin rasbora, 6 Hengals Rasbora, 2 Bulldog Plecs, 4x dwarf Gouramis, 12 golden barbs, 12 cherry barbs,8 Yellow Boesemani Rainbows and loads of assasin snails. Sump has central heating pump. water flows through a 4 layer foam and 1- 2kg of bio, also has a 18"x 18" algae scrubber that works well. fluval U2 to transfer to my QT when needed

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