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Thread: Cloudy water =/

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    Ah...I see that filter is rated for 30-50gal. No where near enough in my opinion. I'd get a second filter and you have enough then. Plus - you can put filter floss in the second filter (if it has a compartment for it) and this will "polish" your water to catch debris.

    Have you thought about using a pre-filter sponge? This will also help with cloudiness.
    "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." Carl Sagan
    ~ My 350 Litre Tank Journal ~

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    well I was having problems before and that's why I upgraded to this filter and it cleared up the first case of cloudiness pretty well. I was running a Aqueon Quite Flow 30 before
    so you think I should buy a second filter or just upgrade the one i have now? I've never used a pre-fliter or filter floss.

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    Two filters is better than one as you're not completely screwed if one breaks down. However, you'd need to assess the noise they make. I have cannisters and they're almost silent.
    "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." Carl Sagan
    ~ My 350 Litre Tank Journal ~

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    I might try that, thanks for your help by the way!

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    No prob. Let us know how you get on.
    "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." Carl Sagan
    ~ My 350 Litre Tank Journal ~

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    so I've got a question regarding my water. Could it be that I don't have enough beneficial bacteria to break down whatever is clouding up my water? I'm almost positive that my water has become cloudy from overfeeding, but it's been getting worse and worse everyday. I did a about a 30% water change Friday, and Monday, but with each water change it seems as has only gotten worse as apposed to clearing up =(.

    I'm questioning this too because my Nitrates have never risen above 10 - 20pp, even if I've been busy and didn't do a water change for like almost 2 weeks. shouldn't it be gradually be rising?

    I stated in a past post that I bought a new Filter because my water was kinda cloudy before. as soon as I put my Marineland on it cleared up my water in about 24 hours. since I removed my old filter, therefor removing all the bacteria I had established, could that be causing some cloudiness? this doesn't make since though because It's been running for a month plus now.

    sorry for all the questions, I just really don't understand why my water has become so cloudy.

    thanks to anyone who replys!

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    The bb is in the filter. You shouldn't remove the old filter that soon after introducing the new one. I can't imagine water changes are contributing...someone else may chip in on this one.

    Do you have plants? They can reduce nitrates but you'd normally only notice it in heavily planted tanks.
    "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." Carl Sagan
    ~ My 350 Litre Tank Journal ~

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    Yes, I do have plants. I have about 10 plants since I'm trying to learn more about them and do a planted tank. I'm also confused because after my water cleared up the first time it was clearer then it had ever been =/. It all started about two or three weeks after my filter had been running on a Friday when I did my water change. I did my feeding as normal, and give my fish some bloodworms as a treat. I only give them Bloodworms once a week. It's been getting progressively cloudier since then :_:

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    What's your ammonia, nitrite and nitrate readings now? Do you have filter floss/wool in your filter?
    "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." Carl Sagan
    ~ My 350 Litre Tank Journal ~

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    My water was cloudy for a while and it turned out my filters hadn't been rinsed in a while. So I gave them one a swish in the old tank water during one weekly water change and then the other one the following week. The water has been crystal clear since then!

    I am interested in hearing more about the filter floss though, is that the white stuff that people used to fill corner bubbler/filter things with? You can just put that in the empty space and more bacteria will grow on it etc?

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