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    Default first serious plant/fish tank advice

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    the first tank I had I really didnt know what I was doing but got exceedingly lucky with all walmart set up- 5 gal tank kit, 3 random fish because I thought they looked cool a sucker fish and a dry 3 pack of water plat bulbs. the only thing I did was use bottled water to fill the tank then poured in a 1 gal every other week just to raise the water line but never completely cycled the water and gave them fish flakes. some how through all of that both the fish and plants thrived happily for a little over a year until I ended up in the hospital for a month and wasnt able to care for them.

    after that I kept a pair of cats for 8 years before I had to give them up due to moving. I told myself I wouldnt get another cat till i get married some day. 3 years later I spot Glofish while walking through walmart. I'm a total sucker for anything that stands out and well no other (freshwater) fish quit stands out like glofish (not goldfish) for those that arent familiar with Glofish, they are genetically modified Zebra fish (NOT died) the ones in the stores are the infertile offspring of the modified ones. pictures just dont do them justice at all but here is the website from the company that has exclusive rights to farm and sell them

    ok so enough with the back story...

    here is my vision...

    a 10 gal tank with 5-6 glofish, dark or black gravel and live plants

    there are a few different things I need guidence in what this to look into.

    first I found these two products on petco's website and wondered if one, the other or both would be a good idea in this set up...

    Eco Complete Planted Black Aquarium Substrate

    EcoBio-Block EcoBio-Stone

    I was considering the bio stone especially and was wondering if this would eliminate the need for the stupid sucker fish (although I'm curious about an alternative tank cleaner animal like a ghost shrimp maybe?)

    what plants would compliment Zebra fish? are there any other fish that I could safely keep with the zebra fish if I chose to and how many in this size tank?

    I like the idea of a working balanced eco system but at the same time will be saving up a few months just to have the money to set this up so dont want to do anything really expensive (I'm on a fixed income)

    this is the tank I am looking to get

    I thought of looking for a cheaper set up but realized that a 10 gal kit by any other brand is half the cost but to get the blue LED lightbar that illuminate the Glofish in daylight is $30 any way.
    Because I want to grow live plants however I know I'll need some kind of florescent light setup too but no idea what to get. the plants in my last tank did fine with the light in the kit.

    the tank will be sitting on my secondary desk in my room where the only sunlight it gets is ambient but it gets decent light from my only lamp in the room that is using one of those twisted florescent bulbs that screw into normal bulb sockets. I am in Arizona so in the summer the temp can raise a bit but no more than 80 deg at the worst, I have AC and a fan to deal with the heat (in a downstairs east facing condo if that helps at all)

    I figure I'll get the tank and plants and after thats all healthy and balanced ill get the fish the next month with the LED light bar if I decide to go with a regular kit for the plant light.

    any way, advise away! I still have a month or two before I can afford to start getting the tank/accessories

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    Here's my $0.02 worth.

    First and foremost, read about the nitrogen cycle and how to do a fishless cycling. Plenty of information in the stickies here.

    Debatable genetic modifcations aside, it's still a zebra danio. 10g is rather small for those. A 20 gallon and a group of 8 would be better. Temp in your area could be a challenge, these fish don't like it much over 76. If it does get hotter make sure you got plenty of surface motion.

    There is no "need for the stupid sucker fish". Algae is up to you to fix. A good and well maintained filter is half the battle. 50% weekly water changes is a good idea on such a small tank. If you use a good water conditioner you can probably use tap water.

    With the tank you propose you can pretty much forget about plants. That's a novelty tank that lacks proper plant lighting. I think your first decision needs to be if you want to do one of those glofish novelty tanks or if you want to go for something more natural with real plants. If the latter then would be a better option.
    Last edited by talldutchie; 03-18-2013 at 07:36 PM.

  3. Default

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    +1 to talldutchie

    But to add a few things.

    You will be the one to clean the gravel and tank, not the fish (don't listen to what they say at any pet store, do your own research). I have seen the glofish tank set ups and they can be cool, not my thing personally but if you like it here is my idea

    20 Gallon Long Tank
    Black Gravel or sand but not anything for planted tanks
    Few fake plants
    Small Bubbler decoration that you like

    10 Glofish
    5 Albino Cories

    The corys will need to have food, not just left overs so make sure you pick up a sinking pellet for them too. They will probably end up around two to two and a half inches long full grown, but will be ok.

    Once you start developing a little green algae you can add 3-4 otocinculus (these guys are fragile and if they clean up all the algae be prepared to feed them their favorite - zuchinni)

  4. Default

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    Or scrap the glofish idea, and do a planted tank

    10 gallon
    10 Harlequin Rasboras
    8 Cory Habrosus (dwarf or pygmy cory)

    Use a good plant substrate like eco complete, and replace the plastic lid with glass lid - use two normal strip lights as they should fit well and use plant bulbs (5000k-7000k 6700k is ideal)

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    I don't know what they supply with those glofish tanks but some of the "clown vomit" I've seen for sale over here is way too sharp for cories. Colour wise albinos would look nice. With those special lights I doubt there will be enough for otos to survive.

  6. Default

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    Yea.. please avoid the "clown vomit" gravel... aka the bright pink, blue, green stuff...

    A nice black sand, or small black substrate would be nice.

    Otos only if algae develops later on

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    ok I figured that with the plants I'd need to have a florescent light as well as the blue LED attachment and will probably get a regular tank set up and add the other light later. I have thought about it and honestly its the glofish themselves that have me all excited about this so I want to find a way to have them at the very least but theres no way to have glofish and live plants at the same time? I didnt think id have room fra 20 gal but I looked at some on line and they seem to average at 2 feet wide which is fine. although I dont understand why a 10 gal couldnt grow them.

    the glofish will be the only brightly colored things in the tank, i want them to have as much contrast from the rest as possible so they really stand out. I preffer natural environment looks any way and honestly hate plastic decorations.

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    what do you guys think of this tank?

  9. Default

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    Typically people do glofish with a black background and black gravel so that they stand out. The lighting for the plants would be the one issue since the blue LED's won't show up with other lights on. The blue LED won't grow any plants, and a normal plant light won't show off the fish very well... you can mix the fish with plants, but for the true "glofish" experience that I have seen its black, with the glofish, and special light to enhance fish colors and a few fake plants that are brightly colored (i also like the natural look, thus why I don't do this)

    There are also other brightly colored fish (the member talldutchie's profile pic) that are naturally colored. Which you could do and have a 100% natural set up

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    nah, if you have ever seen a glofish in person there is no way another fish could compare no matter how brightly colored. Glofish arent just neon colored, they are fluorescent. they are the whole reason I want to get a tank and keep fish. I wasnt planning on having the LED light on at the same time as the plant light in the day... I am going to turn it on more for viewings and in the evenings but everything will be turned off at night. I am perfectly fine with that arrangement

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