A few days ago I went into my lfs and picked up 4 yoyo loaches for my 120g sa/ca cichlid tank. Only when I got home I realized that I actually only had 1 yoyo, and 3 polka dot loaches!

I called the lfs and they said they would call me when they had more yoyos in and I could swap the polka dots, but I've started to get attached to the things! I originally picked yoyos because they're a little nastier and a bit bigger so I thought they'd do better with my cichlids, but is there a significant difference? Do they have much different "personalities" or are they just patterened differently? Is one more active or outgoing than the other?

Should I take back the 3 polka dots and get more yoyos like I originally planned, or swap the lone yoyo for another polka dot instead? Whatever one I choose, I will eventually be increasing the group to 6.