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    Beautiful fish. Your EBJD is colored very much like mine. they could be twins.
    I don't envy you your decision on the sevs. Just curious: Are you cutting down because you're afraid of aggression of because of space?
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    Thank for the kind words, everyone. Yeah I think I am tempted to keep the first severum, he's the prettiest. Have a bit of a soft spot for the middle one though because he's the only fish in the tank that NEVER causes trouble. Very gentle. And also have a soft spot for the last one because he ALWAYS causes trouble!

    Mommie -- downsizing just because they're growing and although there's enough room for everyone now, I don't want them to feel cramped at all. Mind you it'll probably be a much worse existence than a cramped tank for any fish I do sell because most of the aquarists in my area are just shocking. Think 2 oscars and a bunch of mbuna thrown into a 55g with very few water changes.

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    Time for, uh, another tank?

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    LOL! My poor boyfriend would have a heart attack. Our power bills are about $250 a month atm, I can't afford to run another tank.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amelia View Post
    Our power bills are about $250 a month atm, I can't afford to run another tank.
    that is what the guy with the 60 tanks said before, well, guess what happens.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amelia View Post
    LOL! My poor boyfriend would have a heart attack. Our power bills are about $250 a month atm, I can't afford to run another tank.
    Tell your BF you have a severe case of MTS that needs to be cured of immediately. The pain and frustration of dealing with such a deadly disease will cost far more than any amount of monthly utility bills.


    Let's see, you have a cichlid tank and a planted tank, how about coming over to the dark side and make a reef tank too? ^^

    You can also tell him it's good stress relief if he sits in front of the tank and watches it. lol.
    Think with logic and rationality more than emotion. Act with moderation and consideration. Contemplate ideals and realistic goals and weigh out possibilities and options. Temper not with personal delusions or false hope but learn to accept and move on.

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    Eek! I am nowhere near ready or willing to delve into SW tanks at the moment. There is still no much of the FW world I have yet to explore and enjoy!

    Sadly I don't think that'll work. :( He's been pretty lenient so far but apparently he's reached the limit of his tolerance! Will continue to try for JUST ONE MORE though... If I could, I've love another well-planted 30g or so for some apistos or rams, some cute cories and a slew of lovely tetras.

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    Things to report:
    - I got a new big chunk of driftwood for the middle. Its leaking tanins like mad so tank looks a bit like tea at the mo.
    - replaced the white silica sand with gold sand -- well it was supposed to be gold. In the tank it looks more like creamy off-white. Oh well.
    - lost my male T-bar. So upset, no idea what happened to him. One day he was fine and the next day he had a huge gash on his side and was drifting listlessly along the bottom. He deteriorated very rapidly and I had to have my partner perform the coup de grace. Will probably sell the female to someone who has a male now as she looks miserable on her own.

    So stock is now:
    - 1 juvenile Red Oscar
    - 3 Red Severums
    - 3 Blood Parrots
    - 1 EBJD
    - 1 [lonely] T-bar

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    Beautiful photos - there's a TOTM right there. Sorry to hear about your T-bar, I guess it could have been any number of culprits. Are you going to rehome the female?
    Your oscar is growing fast! As is your EBJD.

    What are your long term plans for this stock? The new wood looks great by the way - more height which was needed. Very nice indeed.
    "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." Carl Sagan

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    Thank you for the kind words Firefly.

    I think the T-bars are pretty old as far as I know, I am their third owner that I know of, I don't know how many before that. Perhaps he was just getting old and weak and that allowed an infection to set in. Unbelievable how fast it happened. Yes I probably will rehome her, if I can find a suitable home. I won't have her go to just anybody.

    Thanks on the wood -- cost me $80 so I hope it looks alright. And no idea on the stock, although I know of course I have to cut down somewhere. The EBJD and my favourite severum (the one in my avatar) are here to stay -- who else stays with them is currently undecided! I'm most inclined to part with the 3 parrots first but they were all gifts from my boyfriend which makes it a bit awkward. Last time I rehomed a fish he bought me he made a huge fuss about it.

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