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    Quote Originally Posted by ameliaaahx View Post
    Mommie he's about 3 1/2 to 4 inches. He's a real pain to get to eat, he will still only eat bloodworms. he's doing surprisingly well. Last time he was with the sevs it was just them and him - now there's a baby firemouth, some tbars and loaches in there and I think the larger numbers and more species have made him feel more confident. He's not the smallest fish anymore and he's behaving much bolder. Now I just have to hope he doesn't turn into an a** and start picking on the little FM!
    Glad to hear he's doing well. I started mine out in the 90 and he was the littlest fish in the tank. I could not get him to eat - just like yours. I finally started dropping algae wafers right in front of his hidey hole and he eventually started eating them. To this day, he loves algae wafers. When he became more reclusive, however, I moved him out of the 90 and put him in my 30 with my tetras to see if I could get him to grow out a bit. He has thrived in there. At first, all he would eat were the wafers but then I started feeding frozen blood worms once a week and brine shrimp once a week - mainly to see if that would get him eating and it worked. He devours both. Now, he's even taken to eating spirulina/veggie flakes which really makes me happy. And Sundays all tanks get peas - he attacks them LOL. I'm thinking I'll move him back to the 90 soon but I'm going to let him grow just a little bit more. Hopefully by June, he'll be ready.
    So - anyway, you might try the spirulina flakes and the algae wafers and peas - or yours may just continue to be a picky eater. As for temperament - everything I've read says they are very mellow fellows so I'm hoping that will hold true. Right now, he's a sweetheart. It's fun to watch him with the little cory cats. if they have a wafer, he watches them for a while then gently noses them out of the way, takes a bite, then moves on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ameliaaahx View Post
    I did think about adding some height and played around with different ways of setting up the driftwood but kept coming back to this way, as it provides numerous caves and tunnels to hide in and swim through but still gives them plenty of open swimming room, since that big sev is starting to get to the 6" range now and bulking up.
    Perhaps you need more wood?
    seriously. If the fish spend enough time in the top of the tank then why bother?

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    Great looking tank. I agree that the decor needs more height - more OOMPH...if you know what I mean.

    Nice looking stock list (although I will never understand why people don't go for green severums) and that JD is a beauty. Would love to see some more photos. You have a clean looking tank with nice looking equipment - I like the background. Lots of them look too "tiled", but this looks a good type. Keep it!
    "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." Carl Sagan

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    Thank you all! I'll try to keep adding photos. Those are actually all taken with my cellphone, hence why the colours are a bit washed out.

    The equipment are dual Sunsun HW-304B UV canisters filters. I think they're sold as Aquatop CF500-UVs in the US, not sure if they're sold in the UK. But bang for buck, they are absolute primo value. I am thoroughly impressed with mine. As you can see, even with all those messy cichlids there is no detrius on the sand. I personally think i'm even overfiltered with 2. I bought two for the whole double-what-you-need filtration thing but after I set one up I seriously doubted whether I needed to add the second, it was already doing such a great job.

    And just 'coz, here's some more photos.

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    That wood sure does look nice close up. Any way of propping it up diagonally? It's beautiful quality.
    "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." Carl Sagan

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    Lol it tend to float if I move it from where it is. it's not 100% waterlogged yet and I think it's just the suction from the sand that's keeping it down. I will try moving the hardscape around in a few weeks though.

    Thanks about the wood -- instead of dishing out $60+ for a big ugly chunk from a pet store I bought these bits (not sure if you can tell but there's 3) for $5 each off a guy who found them at the beach. I found the rocks at the beach too. Next time I muck around with the aquascape I'll take some pictures of the wood individually. The middle bit is particularly cool and definitely has potential to add some height.

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    A sweet looking bargain you got there then. My piece for my 30g set me back 40 quid! As lovely as it is it was no bargain.
    "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." Carl Sagan

    ~ 350 Litre Tank Journal ~ ~ 30 Litre Tank Journal ~

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    It's much easier if you have access to beaches or rivers and can find stuff like that yourself, just have to clean it properly. :) When I was waterlogging those big bits I just changed the water in the bathrub every day with the hottest water out of the tap. For the first week the water went like tea-brown from all the tanins. The hot water gets the tanins out faster and also makes them sink, and kills anything living on/in it.

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    I know you've already made up your mind to take back the Polka Dot loach's but darn they look sharp.
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    Thanks steeler! They are very cute and it was a tough decision but I think I'm better off sticking to what I originally wanted. Also I think when they get big the Polka Dots look a little too similar to the Dwarf Chains which I already have, and I'd rather something which looks a little different.

    On an unrelated note, my Dwarf Chains are starting to develop that lovely gold "eyebrow" marking. :)

    See what I mean? Quite similar. Wheras the yoyos look quite unique as they age.

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