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    Thank you Dutchie -- I love receiving critique for my tanks, there is ALWAYS room for improvement! I would have liked to have hidden the heaters but not sure how I could have gone about it. Obviously you can see them in the photograph but because of the angle of the tank, you don't often see them when you're actually viewing it in person.

    I did think about adding some height and played around with different ways of setting up the driftwood but kept coming back to this way, as it provides numerous caves and tunnels to hide in and swim through but still gives them plenty of open swimming room, since that big sev is starting to get to the 6" range now and bulking up.

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    Your tank is off to a great start. It would be nice to have that extra 45 gal to play with.
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    About an hour trying and these are the best shots I could get of my Electric Blue Jack Dempsey... He WAS in the community tank but tonight he started tearing up plants so he was moved to the 120.
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    congrats. nice new setup for your fish. looks great!
    Thar she blows!!!

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    This is a very nice tank! I agree with the heater comment maybe go with inline heaters. For the background I would paint it. I saw a cool paint job somewhere done up as a gradient with the bottom being black then progressing to dark blue through light blue the higher in the tank it got. Looked awesome though. Gave a lot of depth.
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    I love the new tank and the sevs look great. I have a Hydor inline heater attached to the canister filter on my 120g and love it.
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    I think my fish is adjusting well to the four gallon, He's laying on his side attempting to go to sleep on the bottom of the gravel.
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    Thank you Crispy! And thank you Mike for the tips. :) I tried to find inline heaters but they aren't available in new zealand yet apparently! And I looked into painting the tank but thought that might damage the value should I ever want to sell the tank -- the gradient thing sounds awesome though. I was thinking of just spray painting the other side of that paper background black. That way I can still use the rock side if I want. I need a black bg on my 65 community too.

    Edit: missed your comment. Thank you very much mommy. I do wish I could find inlines. :( if I was really desperate I could get them shipped from the states.
    Last edited by Amelia; 03-18-2013 at 12:38 PM.

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    I'm using a black felt glue to the outside of my tank. works very well and was like 2 bucks. lol

    Your EBJD is the bluest I've ever seen! the EBJD's in my area are just more colourful vs blue. so very neat!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mizzoutank View Post
    I'm using a black felt glue to the outside of my tank. works very well and was like 2 bucks. lol

    Your EBJD is the bluest I've ever seen! the EBJD's in my area are just more colourful vs blue. so very neat!
    Your EBJD looks just like mine! Same color blue. Looks to be a little bigger than mine. I'd be curious to know how big he is. Mine is in the 3 1/2 - 3 3/4 inch range. I've been babying him in my 30 gal tetra tank until he's big enough to go play with my sevs and BPs in the 90. He's grown a lot since I got him in August - he was just barely 2 inches then. Have been debating on whether it was time to move him back to the 90.
    Curious also on how well he eats for you. Mine was really picky for several months. REALLY picky but now he eats everything I put in the tank. Peas are among his favorite things :o)
    again, gorgeous tank
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    Thank you mizzou! He's always the star attraction when guests view my tanks. :)

    Mommie he's about 3 1/2 to 4 inches. He's a real pain to get to eat, he will still only eat bloodworms. I tried starving him but he just got really emaciated so I gave in and gave him blood worms. I didn't think he was ready to go in the 120g but no way was I having him shredding plants so in he went! Lol he's doing surprisingly well. Last time he was with the sevs it was just them and him - now there's a baby firemouth, some tbars and loaches in there and I think the larger numbers and more species have made him feel more confident. He's not the smallest fish anymore and he's behaving much bolder. Now I just have to hope he doesn't turn into an a** and start picking on the little FM!

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