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  1. Default 8g nano tank remodel

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    This tank turned out much better than I expected, and I am almost at the point where I have 0 worries :D

    Here it is:

    And if you noticed "remodel" here's my first:

    I spent quite alot of money on this tank, but in the end, it's worth it, because the shrimp breed now, and it is fun to watch the assassin track down snails.

    One question though, might a chili rasbora eat tiny shrimp? Just need to confirm. I was told they shouldn't, but I don't want any babies not to make it.

    Thank you everyone who helped me to confirm what I was doing with this tank, I honestly appreciate it.

  2. Default

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    Sorry if pictures didn't show up well /;

  3. #3


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    Chili rasboras will eat shrimp. Just because they only have a few days to do that before they grow too big and because it's not the best bottom hunter these fish are generally considered shrimp safe.

  4. Default

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    Ok. I don't really have somewhere to move them though. The tank does have java moss and one plant is very thick with a ton of close together leaves. Will they eat all the shrimp or just some?(babies)

  5. #5


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    As Talldutchie mentioned, only the youngest day old shrimp are eaten, and after that the shrimp are too big to be bothered by chili rasbora.

  6. #6


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    If you want a 100% survival rate on the shrimp then don't mix them with fish. It's as simple as that.

    If this was my tank I'd see about starting a microworm culture. Feed a small amount of those every other day and on the other day feed a fine dry food that's relatively heavy on the greens. On a diet like that the fish will spend more time belching and digesting than doing anything else.

  7. Default

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    Well, most of the females do have eggs, but thanks for suggestion, may use. I have had babies survive in a smaller tank with ember tetras, and even a gourami, which was removed. Take note that my other tanks aren't finished, and I am still working on removing fish and stuff. The 8g does have one very thick plant with tons of stems, which is where a lot of babies are hiding now. It is the fluval shrimp gravel, so that should help, along with the aid of java moss. Thanks for telling me, as long as the survival rate is around 70%, it is fine with me, I hope it would be at that rate...

    I will take notice if there is a large baby shrimp absence and remove them. I'm quite worried about the fish also, they keep hiding.

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