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  1. Default gouramis compatible

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    hey. my tank is 35 gal. i have 6 cardinal tetras, 6 penguin tetras, 4 patys, 4 amono shrimp and a pair of german ram cichlids.i would love a dwarf gourmis but i think my tank might be over stocked. please tell me what you think or if i cant have a gourmis can you please give me some suggestions for other beautiful fish. oh, my ph is 6.5 and stable. it is densely planted but space for swimming. all fish are very happy.

    i would appreciate all help

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    welcome to the forum.

    sounds like a nice tank you have, share a picture if you can!

    but I wouldn't recommend a gourami in that set up. they don't play nice with rams. I had blue rams in my 45gallon and added in a dwarf. he bullied the crap out of them and I blame the death of one on the dwarf for constant harassment.

    However, you are not overstocked,
    I think you can fit another 6 of each tetra and toss in a few more shrimp.
    you'll have a killer set up and see more activity out of your tetra's and rams. in nature, rams rely on the comfort levels of the tetras and if they see them out and about not stressed, they'll come out more as well.

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    thank you so much. will send pics when its day. on my side of the world its night

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    Your tank isn't overstocked in terms of space, but there will be issues between the rams and the dwarf gourami. Dwarf gouramis are, despite their size pretty aggressive. Increasing the number of your tetras is a good idea but if you really want a gourami then try the honey gourami. From my experience very peaceful fish, to the extent that the rams might be the aggressor. Be prepared though to return the gourami in case things don't quite work out as hoped. In order to maximize chances of success, rearrange the tank before introducing the gourami in order to break up whatev territory the rams have claimed beforehand.

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    Both posters have given you good advice. dw gouramis can be problematic, however, just as you could try a honey gourami, you could try a dwarf if you have your heart set on one and see how it goes.
    I have a DW in my tetra tank with a GBR and he pays absolutely no attention to it or any of the other fish for that matter. i also have a DWG in my 90 with cichlids and congos and a GBR and again, the DWG pays no attention to the other fish. Both DWG's pretty much stay in the upper 1/3 of the tanks and the GBR occupies the lower 1/3
    So appears it would come down to the disposition of the fish in my situation. You may not be so lucky but you could give it a try and see how it goes. If you do, just watch closely for any signs of aggression. Even if you don't see aggression (some attacks come at night) watch your GBR for signs of stress and figure the DWG for the cause.
    Good luck!
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