Hi everyone! Long time no see, hope all of you are well!

I have had a bit of a search for a good article/web site that explains how
stunting occurs in fish..... the more technical the better! I haven't
had much luck in finding what I want.

Does anyone have a good link on explaining how stunting occurs...... I would like
to send it to a friend of mine so he understands.

Better if it is goldfish related, only because I have goldfish :) but it really isn't important.
I'm just biased!

I was explaining how one of my goldfish has gotten so big compared to 2 other ones I have.
Mostly I was explaining that this one goldfish was acquired while very young/small and had
not been stunted by the time he had reached the lfs..... while the other 2 may have been
stunted a bit by the time I got them. Genetics, water quality, nutrition, growth inhibiting
hormones, etc. are other factors, but didn't have time to get into too much detail.

Thanks everyone!