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  1. Default Angelfish not looking so well...

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    I noticed today that my male angelfish is losing his color and must be stressed. I recently adjusted the way that the canister filter splashed the surface so my first thought was that the 02 level in the tank might be getting low so I through an air pump in the tank. They are in a planted tank and I have never had an airstone in the tank to date. While I was doing this though I noticed something odd about my fish. I snapped a couple pictures and if any one has any advice I would appreciate it.

    The first picture is of the the other angel fish and it seems to be happening to it as well. The second picture is a close up of the one that seems to be affected the most.

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    sorry to hear that, can we get the following information to help resolve this and bring him back to health?

    tank size?
    tank mates?
    water parameters? ammonia/nitrite/nitrate
    water change schedule and amount?
    recent changes to the tank? (cleaning/new fish addition etc.)

  3. Default

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    tank size? 20 gallon
    temperature? 78F
    tank mates? 3 tetras and one old molly that is still kicking
    water parameters? ammonia/nitrite/nitrate 0/0/>5
    water change schedule and amount? I normally do a 50-75% water change weekly.
    recent changes to the tank? (cleaning/new fish addition etc.) Recently I moved the two angels out their tank when I did a trimming of the plants. I put them in my African grow out tank while I cleaned it up. None of the fish in the grow out tank are showing or have ever shown and sign of disease.

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    is your 20gallon your grow out tank? or the angelfish perm home?

  5. Default

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    I took the image and sized it up so I could see the fish better. From what I am seeing there is a grouping of camallanus worms protruding from the anus of this fish. Camallanus worms draw blood from the intestine of the fish and damage the lining resulting in a secondary bacterial infection that becomes fatal. If the fish are eating you would need to get a levamisole impregnated feed for the fish to eat from angels plus. If they are not eating you need to administer a levamisole based medication. You need to do a heavy gravel cleaning and a re application of the medication or a re feeding of the product.

    This disease occurs due to the introduction of the parasite. It is not husbandry related, tank size related or etc..
    Last edited by Indian Woods Angels; 03-15-2013 at 09:53 PM.

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    Thank you for the help. I have found a aquarium related thread in which pointed out to order Panacur (dog dewormer) and treat them with that. It is already enroute from Amazon and I will update if I have success with it.

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