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If you really needed to you could still use this as an aquarium. I would get 2 filters one for each side if i was going to tho just to make sure there is enough water circulation. Also like the other commentators said seal the holes. I think it would look really cool with fish swimming threw the tubes.
So, as far as the bulkhead fittings on the bottom....assuming I connect 2 of those to a filter, one being the suction, other being the exhaust. Obvious a hose connects to the bottom of the fitting, but what about the top of the fitting? Seems like I would need to cram some tubing in there or something to get it above the level of the gravel (at least on the suction side).
And should I take some kind of precaution for covering the opening of said tubing, lest I suck up a small fish?
Sorry if these seem like lame questions, but I am starting from zero here.