Hi everyone! I am trying to learn about setting up my new aquarium. It's approx 50 gal...acrylic tank, basically 2 cubes side by side each 25 gallons joined by 2 acrylic tubes.
My only experience with aquariums was when I was a teenager, had a 10 gallon tank with undergravel filter and the usual pet store stuff that was common at the time. Not much knowledge and it was always a struggle to keep the tank clean, etc...
So, I have done some reading through the various info that's archived here and learned a fair bit about what I should need for a filter, heater, etc... but I am left with a few questions.
The tank I am using has 3 holes drilled in the bottom of each side of the tank (6 holes total) and they are equipped with hose nipples pointing down into the cabinet/stand thingy that it sits on. I am assuming these are for the filter and some other stuff.
Fish-wise I am pretty flexible. Once I get the tank set up appropriately I will choose some fish that will be suitable for the size and configuration of the tank. Not going to get into living plants or anything like that...just wanting to start basic, then grow as I learn.
Since my tank is split into 2 halves essentially....will I need more than one filter? More than one of anything?
The filter I am considering is the Fluval 304...will this meet my needs?
Will the cord for my heater have to come in from the top of the tank, or is there some way to run it through one of these hose nipples and seal it sufficiently?

That's all for now, but I'm sure more questions will pop up as I go.

Thanks in advance.