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    Default Please help - something wrong with a new fry (photo)

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    Dear AC - I apologise if I am posting in the wrong section. New member, first post, joined in a panic!

    I picked up three male endlers (probably hybrids) today and got home to find two fry in the bag with them.
    One of the fry seems to have something hanging off its undercarriage - photos attached. Seems otherwise happy.

    I know need to work out if these fish are safe to introduce to my 30g community tank (current residents are a two male guppies and their infertile old hag + 6 tetra). Including the "damaged" fry? I will euthanise that one if I have to as didn't really want it in the first place, but would like to work out what is wrong with it so I can measure the risk to my other fish.

    All thoughts welcome! xSoot

    Clearest picture I could get - not the best

    ETA: if there is a better way to get a close look at this thing, I am open to suggestions.
    Last edited by Soot; 03-14-2013 at 07:08 PM.

  2. Default

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    Amniotic Sac look like, they will feed off of that until it is fully utilized... maybe someone else can elaborate

  3. Default

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    I think that's just a yolk sack :). It's like almost a 2 for 1 deal!

  4. #4


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    Thanks !:)
    Never seen anything like that before though - it's definitely an "endler/guppy" type fry which are live born and big enough to be at least 2-3 weeks old at a guess (in fact there was another fry in the bag which is much smaller and normal looking) .. but maybe some sort of congenital deformity (that would be nice - better than a parasite). Parasites/fungal growth are my main fears because of the other fish ... Argh. Panic! I thought a nice aquarium would be a good anti-stress, relaxing activity. I was wrong.

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    After reading online that the fish could come out of water for a few seconds for a photo, we just did this and got a much clearer photo of what's going on

    (unfortunately, little fish then suddenly jumped and landed on the kitchen floor and took a while to safely get back into water. I now feel invested in his/her survival - we have been bonded by misfortune and all that) ...

  6. Default

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    It's a yolk sac. It will feed off it till it's able to swim and the sac empties then it will need regular feed with micro flakes around 5 times a day. Best thing for it right now is to be in isolation. That way your 'investable' fish will have better chance of surviving since it has no predators. But if you tank is well planted of has a lot of decorations in it, it might be fine that way too.

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    I beg to differ. Anyone who has had livebearers knows that Livebearer fry are born fully formed without yolk sacs. If you don't believe it then I am sure there are plenty of videos on YouTube of platies/guppies/swordtails giving birth that you can search for. The bump does not look like a parasite, but it does not look "normal" either. My best guess would be a congenital defect or possibly the result of some strange previous injury.

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    Yeah... I was scrolling up to see if I'd missed something on the species information. It's no parasite so harmless. I think it's some kind of hernia.

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    Thanks to everyone. Help much appreciated and discussion always useful to quell a panic.
    I am 99.9% that it's a young guppy - female so won't be staying.
    She's still in the QT eating like a monster and growing fast ... "thing" still attached. Looks healthy, acts healthy so will be moving to a friend's lady-guppy tank if/when she's big enough (assuming she makes it, but don't see why not).

  10. Default

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    Sorry guys, i completely missed the species. Yes you're right, as a live bearer they dont have a yolk sac. Wierd looking thing otherwise.

    Maybe it will drop off with age?

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