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  1. Question Won't Stop Spawning, HELP

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    So my angelfish started spawning a month and a half ago and I can't get them to stop. I'm pretty sure it's a F/F pair so them spawning isn't going to produce anything and they get territorial towards the other fish. I've tried lowering the heat in the aquarium from 81 down to 75 in hopes they'd stop spawning, but they keep going. Is there anything else I can do? I don't want my angels going through all they eggs when they're juveniles in case I want to breed my prime female later on. OTher than lowering the heat, what can be done to stop fish from spawning, maybe changing the lighting schedule? Right now the light is on for roughly 12hrs, whenever I remember to turn it off and on.
    70 Gal Planted Rio Negro Angelfish Biotope with:
    1 Whip Tail Pleco
    7 Hatchet fish
    11 Glo Light tetras, 6 Black Skirted Tetras
    6 Bronze Corys
    3 Wild Type Angelfish
    Current Plants:
    Giant Amazon Sword, Narrow Leaf Java, Val, moss on driftwood

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    If this is the tank in your sig,

    then i think your finally seeing issues on having 2 angels in such a small tank.

    they are cichlids and need to be treated as such.

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    The only issue is I don't want them spawning. They aren't hurting any of the other fish, they just chase them off from the eggs. The other fish aren't stressed or anything, no bitten fins or signs of aggression. Your comment doesn't help at all, why bother saying anything? It might be a "smaller" tank, but it is perfectly fine for two angelfish even at full size.
    70 Gal Planted Rio Negro Angelfish Biotope with:
    1 Whip Tail Pleco
    7 Hatchet fish
    11 Glo Light tetras, 6 Black Skirted Tetras
    6 Bronze Corys
    3 Wild Type Angelfish
    Current Plants:
    Giant Amazon Sword, Narrow Leaf Java, Val, moss on driftwood

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    Unless someone else here has experience with this, I would just assume that your fish are going to spawn unless you separate them by putting one in another tank.

    Sorry if this isn't helpful, but I agree with the other responder - I think that's a lot of fish in that size tank & there are probably going to be issues in the future compatibility-wise as well as space-wise.

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    Just to toss in my $.02

    I don't think there is really anything that could be done to stop the spawning without separating them. Have you considered trading one of the females for a male? I know we've all argued about the stocking. If it works for you, then that's all that matters; just don't take peoples opinions offensively.

    The other posters would just stating that they believe there could be future issues... maybe, maybe not. Just remember, its the internet lol. I'm sure my stock isn't perfect, but hey its my tank and my investment

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    Egg production is directly related to the amount of fats and excess nutrition available. Eggs are made from extra foods and abundance. Metabolism is driven by lean or plenty in nature.
    Lower the amount of feed given. Feed only once per day and a smaller amount. Watch the fish to see how a lesser amount of food is affecting them overall. Temperature should remain at the norms 79 to 81 F. Lowering the temp affects digestion and a possible protozoan infection might occur. To slow aggressions place plantings or elements within the tank to limit visual stimulations. Do not worry about using up the capacity to produce eggs. If a fish is of good gene stock it will provide eggs for up 6 years every 2 weeks.

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    if it was "perfectly" fine as you say, then you wouldnt have these issues...
    in a tank size that is proper, these fish have their space to deal with these issues.
    in your tank, they can't. so unless you remove one angel, this issue will not go away.

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    The original problem that would be that the two female angels in this aquarium are spawning regularly with each other. By removing one angel we do not solve this problem. We would create another problem. The problem we would create is that if we remove the stimulus fish that either or each of these fish are using to stimulate a spawn sequence we now stop the release of roe. By stopping the release of roe we will most likely, 95% chance, egg bind one or both females. An egg bound female is more than likely going to die, she will have no way to stimulate a release of eggs. Removing one of the females as the only course of action is not going to get a satisfactory result. Respecting the opinion that the aquarium is under sized I would like to note that a tank move or other action should be done at a time when the roe count is low to avoid bruising and that the stimulus partner not be removed from contact until the time between egg release is significantly reduced or has been suppressed. I would keep these two fish in contact until such a point as they do not require each other to avoid becoming roe bound. If improperly separated they could both be lost.

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    ^what he said.. lol

    sorry, just had to say it.

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    Why the big worry about the spawning though? If they arent hurting other fish or each other, then where is the problem? The eggs will turn white and/or be eaten. (or am I missing something?)
    Angel breeder wanna-be

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