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    Mar 2013
    Leeds, England

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    Default Cycling/ post cycling query.

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    I have a few questions. I am looking to get an aquarium after I move house and I'm currently at the research stage.
    I plan on a Marina 160l with cabinet as it's the biggest I could realistically afford (35.2g 40"x16"x16" or
    rather 100x40x40cm) and doing a fish-less cycle. My questions are;

    Once all cycled through and I start putting fish in should I do water changes and filter cleaning starting immediately, or do I need to wait for the tank to resettle with the fish in?

    I would like some combination of the below fishies; (I believe this may work out a little heavily stocked)
    Neon Tetras - 10ish
    Cherry Barbs - 7ish
    Panda Cory's - 10ish
    Neon Rainbowfish - 6ish
    Celestial Pearl Danios - 6ish
    Otto - 6ish
    Yellow Honey Gouramis - (Possibly 1?)

    So, with what I want the aquarium would (by the looks of it??) be quite heavily stocked? I saw something about extra filtration and more frequent / larger water changes mitigating a little bit of over stocking, but I'm aware that once those are dealt with there comes issues with territories.
    Here comes the question,

    How heavily over stocked is that (suggestions of what to take off the list) and what would be a good level, how often I might need to do a wc and how large?
    (1/2/3 weekly - 20/30/50%)

    Also concerned about having an adequate level of filtration. The aquarium comes with a Hagen Marina Slimline S20 (20g I believe) so I was looking at a RC Hagen 14002 Fluval C3 Power Filter (50g max) for twice the g/max (75 all told) filtration. Would that be enough for 35.2g tank mid to heavy planting and eventually fully stocked (whatever that looks like).

    Also bumped into a strange concept, at least too me. Air pump driven filter boxes (??), any good/ any point? Would they help water qual./movement / aeration?

    I bow before your collective wisdom, apologies for the mega post.


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    Aug 2012
    in rsa

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    personally i would take the last three of the list maybe look into something else for the top third of the tank,as for the corys and neons i would add them in around four months after the cycling has finished. The middle and bottom parts of the tank are generrally the hardest, neons and bottom feeders need as much as possible clean coditions to do well and thrivei would suggest getting a few plants as well, nothing fancy or hard to keep. your filtration is good, nothing wrong with upping the filtration a bit more for the bottom.
    we are all on a journey.
    Apparently there is nothing that cannot happen today.

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    your first water change does not have to be immediate, but should be within a week of adding fish. after that, change weekly. filters should be cleaned at least once a month or when clogged. again, filter cleaning does not have to be immediate after adding fish but should be within a month after the initial stocking. you are right on with having double capacity. get the filter you are looking at and run both filters simultaneously. you are heavily stocked, but with a stringent maintenance routine that may not be a very big issue. however, some of your stock might not be compatible with others. celestial pearl danios are really shy and tiny and will not thrive in a tank full of active, larger fish. with the neon tetras, barbs and rainbowfish, you have three schooling species that occupy the same water region and each school will disrupt the movements of the others. while three schooling species might sound good in theory, in a real tank, a single species often looks best. choose one of the three and get 15 or so. other than that, I see no problems.

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