I have the 303B which the above poster mentioned, and it comes with an internal UV lamp. While i thought i was good at the time, i actually think it's quite poor. The flow rate is probably about half the 369gph it says. I use it on my 65g and even on that tank i don't feel confident that i use it in conjunction with a Dolphin canister which is rated for the same GPH. And this one is a jet compared to the Sun Sun.

So to summarise, OP, those filters you might want to upgrade or go with another brand. Or use them in conjucntion with other filters. Add a sponge to the base of that powerhead, which will give extra space for BB to grow.

The crack and redneck fix job may have worked for him, but the move and transportation of the tank will surely have weakened it. Also that noise is another factor. But don't bin it. Try disassembing it, and replace only the cracked piece then re-silicone together. After all, it will be cheaper than buy anotehr of the same size. Might as well give it a go!