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    Filters look to be SunSun - a chinese brand, and very cheap - but don't let that scare you. I have one and it works great.

    Undergravel filter will not work with sand, but you can still use the powerhead - just to move the water around, or to run a sponge filter if you feel the need for extra filtration.

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    +1 to the above. those two canister filters (not sumps) are fairly 'low-flow' and you'll want to use the powerhead for more water movement in the 6' tank.
    your friendly neighbourhood arowanaman!

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    The filters are aquatop cf 300 and say 240 gal/hr but yea, they seem pretty "low flow" as you say, so I dont really see how they could be turning that much water over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by j250nyahweh View Post
    The filters are aquatop cf 300 and say 240 gal/hr but yea, they seem pretty "low flow" as you say, so I dont really see how they could be turning that much water over.
    The rated flow is before accounting for any headloss. When the water is being pushed five feet up to reach the top of the tank, the pump's effective power is considerably lower. It's reduced even more when you consider the tubing and angle changes involved to get the water into the tank.

    EDIT: By the way, 240gph is incredibly low for any decent-sized tank (even two of them for the size tank that they came with). I use a 500gph filter on my 90g in addition to a Koralia 240gph powerhead.
    Last edited by funkman262; 03-14-2013 at 06:13 PM.

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    So I'll use both of the canister filters, the powerhead and I'll probably end up putting my aquaclear 110 filter on there as well. I was hoping to avoid having that thing hanging off the back but sounds like i may have to. *sigh*

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    Or you can clean them up and sell them on craigslist. Yea they go new for $70, but cleaned up you could probably get $40 a pop, then use that $80 to go towards this :)

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    I would go ahead and add the ac110. just put sponges in it because they are great mech filters with higher flow than your canisters. pack the canisters with most of your biomedia.
    your friendly neighbourhood arowanaman!

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    This tank was supposed to be what I used for my goldfish, to replace my 45 gallon. Now that I have it, I realize its too ugly for my house, so it'll stay in the garage and be my cichlid tank. We did decide to try our luck and fill the tank the rest of the way, maybe that wasn't a good idea since we heard some unsettling sounds last time, but lo and behold it is holding water.

    Once we end up replacing the 45 gallon for the goldies to something like 90 gallons, we'll put whatever extra filtration we get from that on the 120. If the new 90 comes with enough filtration on its own I will just add the ac110. That's a good idea.

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    I've just bought 2 of the same filters for my 65g community tank -- Sunsun HW-302s, exactly the same as yours but sold under the name Aquatop CF-300 in the states. Unfortunately I'm not impressed with them and are sending them back to upgrade to the slightly larger HW-303B / CF-400 UV which pumps 1400lph / 369gph.

    I also bought two of the biggest ones in the range, the HW-304B / CF-500 UV for my 120g. These have a flowrate over 500gph each and I am finding them absolutely FANTASTIC.

    The CF-500's hard at word on my 120g.
    Last edited by Amelia; 03-20-2013 at 12:16 AM.

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    I have the 303B which the above poster mentioned, and it comes with an internal UV lamp. While i thought i was good at the time, i actually think it's quite poor. The flow rate is probably about half the 369gph it says. I use it on my 65g and even on that tank i don't feel confident that i use it in conjunction with a Dolphin canister which is rated for the same GPH. And this one is a jet compared to the Sun Sun.

    So to summarise, OP, those filters you might want to upgrade or go with another brand. Or use them in conjucntion with other filters. Add a sponge to the base of that powerhead, which will give extra space for BB to grow.

    The crack and redneck fix job may have worked for him, but the move and transportation of the tank will surely have weakened it. Also that noise is another factor. But don't bin it. Try disassembing it, and replace only the cracked piece then re-silicone together. After all, it will be cheaper than buy anotehr of the same size. Might as well give it a go!

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