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  1. Default New Tank Addditions

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    Hey guys, I recently lost my double red apisto aggazi

    After looking into multiple possibilities I am under the belief that they came infected from the LFS with some sort of parasite (i know another individual who lost all of his and we got them a day apart from the same place)

    The rest of the fish in the tank look great, everyone is acting normal, eating, etc.

    I have figured I am going to give up on the apistos for a little bit after this, and wanted to consider Rams. I had been looking at trying to find a pair of bolivians when I was offered a breeding set of GBR. The guy says he has 2 males and 3 females that have been laying eggs for him, his water params are 0,0, 7.8 (mine are the same). Two questions then...

    1. Other than the Dwarf Gourami, would any one see an issue with my stock if I add these GBRs?
    2. What would be a fair price for 5 GBR (considering they are breeding), or should I just go buy my own if I can get them cheaper

  2. Default

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    Guy said he would like $50 for the 5 of them...

    Few concerns:
    1. Usually I think I can get them for $6/ea
    2. I think there temp req is a bit higher than the rest of my tank (78 currently)
    3. would 5 be too many, I do have lots of places to hide
    4. What would be the best bet for my tank. I am looking for something with personality that may or may not breed. A friend of mine has access to electric blues for $15/ea plus shipping.. so thats another option.

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    1. They might eat your shrimp
    2. Cichlids are like humans, to a. Degree. Throw random male with random female and chances are, they won't breed because they don't like each other. That is why if you are just buying young cichlids, it is recommended to start out with a much larger number than you actually want so that they can sort out relationships on their own. In this case, you are being offered a group which is known to breed already. I would go with this group despite the higher price per fish as all these pairings have been sorted out already. In the end, the prices might be equal as you would have had to buy more you fish anyways than if you had just gotten the five.

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    The shrimp surprisingly survived the apistos... they have one log that no fish can seem to bother them. I have been trying to scoop them out as I see them... but its never ending lol

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    They can work in the 55gal if they are already getting along but just watch them for a while when you go to see them. If there isnt agression now, there will be come egg time.

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    Will the rams be ok in 78F ?

    Or will I need to up the temp in the tank?

  7. Default

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    I have have 2 GBR - each in a separate tank because they fight - but both tanks are at 78 degrees and each tank also has a dw gourami. no problem. they pay absolutely no attention to each other as forthe most part the dw gourami stays toward the top and the ram stays toward the bottom. I don't anticipate that you'd have any trouble housing them together.

    I don't know, however, if the 78 temp would affect their breeding or if they need it warmer. If so, most likely you can crank it up to 80 and your other fish would be fine.

    Good luck. GBR's are really fun fish!
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    Yea I'm going back and forth whether to go after them, or bolivians... I will admit, I am not an expert when it comes to tricky fish... but I would like to be able to.

    The apisto situation has me very mad (<- showing restraint here with my wording), I found the female dead yesterday after both males died in med tank last week. I know the males had some sort of parasite, but just annoyed b/c I really liked them.

    So, these guys won't be too rough on my sterbai will they?

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