Whats up everyone! This is my first post here, just found the forum and site to be honest. Have a 75gal tank that was given to me by my aunt because of a Fire Oscar that I had at the time. He has since come and gone due to what we believe was hole in the head. Since he has gone, I have ALOT of space to fill in this tank. I just laid sand down (100lbs) and am currently watching this milky water settle. I plan on setting up an Predatory tank, with several different COOL fish. Right now I have 2-3 that are FOR SURE going into the tank. (pending reviews and advice)

-African Butterfly Fish
-Barracuda (Acestrorhynchus Isalinae)
-Banjo Catfish

My GF is VERY fond of the Angels and Black Knife fish, I'm cool with both so i have no discrepancy with this. Although I enjoy the Spiny fin eels (particularly the Tire Track) and the Purple spotted gudgeon, I am trying to find a Happy medium without causing a battle for position within my tank. will also be incorporating few snails to help irrigate the sand to prevent gas bubble from forming and to help with filtration.

Also am going to do a planted tank with a variety of plants and a few pieces of drift wood to help with Ph. Not to sure of what kind of lay out I want with this, if anyone wants to share some pics on here i would greatly appreciate it so I can get some ideas. Any advice is GREATLY appreciated and will be taken! Also if you see that one of these fish does better in pairs PLEASE let me know, last thing i need is a depressed fish lol.

So fish listed
-African Butterfly Fish
-Banjo Catfish
-Black Knife
-Tire Track Eel
-Purple Spotted Gudgeon

look forward to hearing from you all! Also have already hit up the general FW threads with this question (slightly adjusted here with their info taken into consideration)