Hello all, I keep neon sized fish with RCS. I always thought "that floating plant in ThatFishPlace's tank looked cool" and it was never listed anywhere for sale. I wanted to buy when I figured out what it was. After my last trip down there to get other plants it was accidentally introduced to my tanks. Then I learned allllll about it. lol

So now I have it, I still like it to a point. I've never seen a plant grow so fast! I've looked at the species that are the normal consumers of this beast and they all seem to be larger sized fish when they fully mature.

Question is, is there a smaller one that will eat it? Or invertebrate? I don't want a fish what will threaten adult RCS. Any ideas?

The reason I ask is I've seen my older raspora tetras (closing in on 2") eat one from time to time, supposing it was food I expect. I did not see them spit it back out. So maybe there is a hope?