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    Hatchets won't work with the butterfly

    Here is my recommendation for a nice set up:

    4-6 German or Bolivian Rams
    6 Cory of your choice
    6 Oto
    10 Hatchets (they jump so make sure tank is completely covered)
    And a mid swimming fish, like school of rainbows or larger school of smaller fish.

    This doesn't have the aggression you are looking for, but will provide multiple personalities within the tank, all at different water levels

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    Ok, thanks. I will take that into consideration.

    Here is where my tank is at as of now, Went and got a few plants at my LFS. Am going to go out later this week and get some more. Not going to start adding fish until i get the plant life where I want it. That way I'm not putting plants in and taking them out, stirring up the bottom and such. Also I will be removing the small drift wood and that plate once I get a Larger piece of drift wood. My gf, said it was bland without that stuff in there lol.

    photo (1).JPGphoto (2).JPGphoto.JPG

  3. Default

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    I don't recognize the plant in the left corner... almost looks like something from my garden...

  4. Default

    0 Not allowed!
    That's because after re-reading packaging this particular plant came in, the small print lists it as Semi-Aquatic. Will be returning it today....

  5. Default

    0 Not allowed!
    Lol, thought so - check your pm

  6. Default

    0 Not allowed!
    Well, went to petsmart for my 2 dogs and to take back a sub aquatic plant and ended up with three groups of Moneyworth great little plants. Also found a lets say... GREAT piece of drift wood at the river earlier as well. Covered in river mud, have been scrubbing for about 2 hours now. Going to let it soak over night in hopes of the mud loosening up and be back at it tomorrow. As soon as it hits the tank I will add some pics.

  7. Default

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    I'd recommend that you soak it in a bath tub filled with the hottest water you can... I soaked all mine in a rubbermaid tote. Just to kill off anything that may be on it.

    Money wort is great, easy plant that is easy to propagate

  8. Default

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    Ya, last night i was dumping bowling water on it for 30-45 mins. Had about 3 pots of water boiling simultaneously. Gonna continue that process today. Really cool piece of hardwood, going to go get some wire bristle brushes so i can get a little deeper into the wood and free up any of the loose outer wood. Did a nail test on it and it is solid, its a piece of cypress root. Also have some cool little flat rocks from the river, they look to be some sort of concrete, possibly even asphalt. Either way they were in the river, did a vinegar test and no foam. Does that mean it is ok, or do these particular items not belong in the tank at all? Have seen mixed emotions.

  9. Default

    0 Not allowed!
    If they look concrete or asphalt I wouldn't... just my experience in the field I know the chemicals that go into that stuff... wouldn't be worth the risk...

    You can find all sorts of good rock, just use actual rock lol.

    Need to post pics of this driftwood too

  10. Default

    0 Not allowed!
    Will definitely will get a pic of the wood up once I get it all cleaned up. It's large to say the least, will be trimming some of the excess extension off of it here shortly.

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