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    As would the butterfly. That is indeed the most likely route.

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    May not have been what I wanted to hear Talldutchie, But I need to hear it lol. As far as fish out growing, def not looking to have to give a fish up because I lack the space for it. So I will def heed the advice of fish that will "outgrow" the tank. And ya, that is kinda how I started. Gotta start somewhere, figure better to start like this and refine rather than start small and build and cuss myself for not seeing a certain fish before.

    As far as the Cuda goes, the owner of the fish store claims that the strain he sells, he has never seen one over 8in. Not arguing, just wondering if this is possible or is he just blowing smoke to make a sell?

    Black ghost knife and Tire track- Should I pick one as to not clutter the lower water column or would both eventually out grow the tank?

    Fresh water goby- Basically a fresh water goby, burrows in sand from time to time, Ambush predator.

    Also great point with the trumpet snails, never thought about the complexity of the clams in the tank.

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    Quote Originally Posted by talldutchie View Post
    Shopkeepers are in it to make a living. A decent one will sell healthy stock and have some good display tanks. A really good one you can tell if he (or she) refuses to sell you something.

    Now....the barracuda I really advice against. The black knife you could maybe pull of. you could certainly design a tank around the butterfly.

    Perhaps do some good thinking what attracted you in those fish. Unusual shape? Behaviour? The fact that most are predators? If you figure that out then perhaps we can help you in the right direction.

    Another tip, start thinking about what you want your tank to look like. Have a browse around here and on the rest of the net. Save the pics that really look good to you.
    Sorry didn't see this post till after I posted the last response. Why I am attracted to each

    -Butterfly-Odd fish, different, predator, unusual body shape
    -Cuda- Predator, powerful fish
    -Tire Track- cool personality
    -Lion fish- Different, odd fish, predator
    -Goby- Always had a thing for gobies, was excited to see a fresh water version
    -Black Ghost- Just a wicked looking fish

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    There's an Asian genus of freshwater goby, rhinogobius, that you could easily keep 8 of with a bit of care but that might be too small for you.

    Problem with the barracuda is that there's several closely related species. is the one you'd want, that stays small. You could combine that with a larger cichlid, earth eaters are a possibility.

    In any case, planting is best done with tall plants along the edges and to hide the equipment

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    That is the exact species he orders. I remember the name now that I have seen it.

    The goby you're speaking of, how big do they get and are thy colorful or more stream bed camouflage colored?

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    Quote Originally Posted by talldutchie View Post
    Cool little boogers, now i need to find a place that sells them!

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    Ok, So after MUCH deliberation and research I have a few more Q's.

    1. Found this little Cuda (Acestrorhynchus Isalinae)
    - Any experience/opinion on these little guys? Looks like they stay fairly small, says they are the smallest of the freshwater Cuda.
    2.Dropping the toad fish for sure, Thinking of replacing him with either a Banjo Cat or something of that nature.
    3. I cannot find that little goby that you have mentioned, so i am leaning towards the Purple Spotted Gudgeon. Any experience?
    4. Dropping the Tire track eel for sure, Still possibly keeping Black Knife Fish.
    5. African Butterfly is a staple, not going anywhere.
    6. And of course an angel fish or 2 for the lady, if of course they will not cause any issues.

    If it turns out the Cuda is gonna be more trouble than he is worth, i may lean towards a variety of mid swimmers and such.

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    I think you want to drop the cuda, from what I've seen they need a lot of swimming room that 4' long can't provide..

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    Ok, so we are going to drop the Cuda. What would be some other mid-swimmers I could put in the tank? I have a list of a few that seem very interesting, of course this is a list of suggestions not what i want in the tank. Would like to be bale to pick a few from this list pending some advice. Also, where can I find the trumpet snails, my LFS doesn't and I cannot find them online.

    -Ram (German is a cool little guy, but would be happy with the bolivians as well)
    -Maybe some hatchets
    -South American Puffer
    -Any other suggestions? Like fish that are active and particularly fond of live eaters.

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