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  1. Default New Set Up-Advice appreciated

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    Whats up everyone! This is my first post here, just found the forum and site to be honest. Have a 75gal tank that was given to me by my aunt because of a Fire Oscar that I had at the time. He has since come and gone due to what we believe was hole in the head. Since he has gone, I have ALOT of space to fill in this tank. I just laid sand down (100lbs) and am currently watching this milky water settle. I plan on setting up an EXOTIC tank, with several different COOL fish. Right now I have 2-3 that are FOR SURE going into the tank.

    -African Butterfly Fish
    -Red Tail Barracuda
    -Freshwater Lion fish (toad fish)

    My GF actually picked the Lion fish, which i was quite surprised due to its face to face appearance lol. She also is VERY fond of the Angels and Black Knife fish, I'm cool with both so i have no discrepancy with this. Although I enjoy the Spiny fin eels (particularly the Tire Track) and the Sleeper Goby, I am trying to find a Happy medium without causing a battle for position within my tank. will also be incorporating fresh water clams and a few snails to help irrigate the sand to prevent gas bubble from forming and to help with filtration.

    Also am going to do a planted tank with a variety of plants and a few pieces of drift wood to help with Ph. Not to sure of what kind of lay out I want with this, if anyone wants to share some pics on here i would greatly appreciate it so I can get some ideas. Any advice is GREATLY appreciated and will be taken! Also if you see that one of these fish does better in pairs PLEASE let me know, last thing i need is a depressed fish lol.

    So fish listed
    -African Butterfly Fish
    -Red Tail Barracuda
    -Freshwater Lion fish (toad fish)
    -Black Knife
    -Tire Track Eel
    -Sleeper Goby

    look forward to hearing from you all!

  2. Default

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    From what I've been reading, I don't know how well the barracuda will fit in with anyone, I've had a butterfly fish before and they're great, but I feel like the barracuda is way to aggressive to be with anything else (especially since it tops out at 11")

    I think you might have issues with that many aggressive fish in a single tank. You may want to pick 1, and build around that. A 75g doesn't have a very large foot print, (4'x1'), so territories could be limited. You will want to pick a fish that stays in the 6" range - half the width of the tank.

    Just my $.02. I haven't had anything other than the butterfly, but would be interested in what other people think too

  3. Default

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    Thanks, that is the main thing i am concerned with... Turf war. All the videos I have seen of the Butterfly fish have all been in the top of the water column, do they stray from the top much or are they pretty much locked in up there? Reason I ask is because if it stays around the top, then maybe it and the Lionfish will be Ok as far as turf goes and then I can piece in a few less aggressive fish.

    Also see you have planted tanks, what is the procedure for keeping plants thriving? Are they pretty much self sufficient or what?

  4. Default

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    Few things:
    1. When I had my butterfly fish, I had a poorly stocked tank and it was killed. Pretty much they stay at the top, problem with that though is that aggressive fish below them see the butterfly as something to pick on. Don't quote me on this b/c I may be wrong, but I think a butterfly should mainly be kept with fish that will leave it alone.

    2. As for plants, it depends on what plants you want / how complicated you want to go. I started recently with simple plants such as anubias and java moss / java fern. These are low light, simple easy plants. But I have since then upped my lighting to 108W for a 55g, started dosing ferts 1x a day (very easy, just quick 5ml squirt) and I will be dosing an equivalent to flourish excel starting later this week.
    I am doing this because I would like fast growth. With plain lights and nothing added some plants will do fine, but just grow slow. Your possibilities are really only limited by your set up and what you would like to to.

    Keep an eye on which fish you choose, some will rip up any plant you put in there, some will enjoy them. If you have a blank slate with that 75 gallon you could really do anything you want

  5. Default

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    Awesome and thanks for the advice! And yes this is a BLANK slate, only thing in my tank right now is sand, water and a snail lol. So I am really looking to take this tank to the top. I will start a journal of a sort once I get this water cleared up, read it can take anywhere from 2 hours to 3 days for the water to COMPLETELY clear up.

  6. Default

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    You may know this already, but read up on the cycle of a fish tank. I don't know what you have for filtration etc, but you want to be sure you know that your tank is cycled.

    Don't listen to people at the local fish shop... most of the time they will sell you a great white shark for a 10g if you are willing to buy...

    Talk to people on here, we are always willing to give advice, even if its not what you want to hear, its better that way than to buy a fish and have it kill other fish in your tank, or it be killed

  7. #7


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    You're not going to like this but I am writing this with the best intentions.

    First of all, fresh water clams. Not a good idea. Most are temperate species and don't take well to prolonged heat. They're filter feeders that need a very mature tank or they will starve. They also bury which is hard on the plants. In your tank you'll likely notice the massive ammonia spike first before you figure out a clam died.
    Some malaysian trumpet snails will do fine to maintain the sand.

    Secondly.. your stock looks like you want everything that looked nice in the shop. Understandable if you're new to the hobby but not necessarily a good idea.

    The butterfly fish
    . Sizewise not an issue. It's a surface hunter that will need a covered tank to prevent fatal jumps. Does best in little current and with surface cover.
    The barracude. Gets to be a foot long. It's an active species that needs open water. To house an adult you'd need an 8 ft tank at the very, very least. So, not a good idea. Once it grows it will try to eat the butterfly.
    Toad fish. Also gets to a good 8 inches at least. Sizewise barely possible. It's an ambush hunter found in estuaries so will likely do best in brackish water, something the rest of your selection does not tolerate at all.
    Angels. Relatively versatile. Should fit, will likely get along with the butterfly. Will end up as barracuda food sooner or later
    Black knife is black ghost knife I assume. Another predator that's going to be 8-10 inches.
    tire track eel: Eventually it will outgrow the tank. Until it does it can peacefully coexist with the angel and the butterfly.
    Sleeper goby: Sorry, unsure what you mean by that exactly.

    I know a commonly heard argument is that you will rehome fish as they get larger. That choice is yours. Personally I strongly believe in setting up a tank that allows your fish to live out their natural lives in health and comfort.

    Now.... I'd strongly advice you to start with reading up on the nitrogen cycle and how to prepare your tank in a fishless cycle. there's a good ebook around here which will help as well as the various stickies in the forum.

  8. Default

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    Appreciate it! Ya got the cycling down, just gotta get patience lol. And as far as the guy at the fish shop, he knows what he is talking about... sometimes. I went in and asked him about the knife fish, butterfly, red tail Cuda and angels. He was like "Ya, those will be fine together." Then would stop talking and not elaborate. Then I thought about the price of some of the fish I was talking about and realized he was seeing dollar signs. But when it comes to the Salt tanks he has and those fish hes an ACE. That's why I resorted to this, forum running, I skimmed a few and this seemed like the most educated.

  9. #9


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    Shopkeepers are in it to make a living. A decent one will sell healthy stock and have some good display tanks. A really good one you can tell if he (or she) refuses to sell you something.

    Now....the barracuda I really advice against. The black knife you could maybe pull of. you could certainly design a tank around the butterfly.

    Perhaps do some good thinking what attracted you in those fish. Unusual shape? Behaviour? The fact that most are predators? If you figure that out then perhaps we can help you in the right direction.

    Another tip, start thinking about what you want your tank to look like. Have a browse around here and on the rest of the net. Save the pics that really look good to you.

  10. Default

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    I personally like the idea of angels and the butterfly fish... if you have a canister filter the butterfly would like that, and the angels like a well planted tank

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